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Replacement WiFi Hub

First Timer
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Query on behalf of a non techy mother-in-law 250 miles away. 


A long time ago, I replaced her standard TT router with an improved one from Netgear.. 

It has been fine for her and 100% reliable. 

She has just received a new TT WiFi hub, with an email saying that she needs to replace ASAP, otherwise she might lose her service as it gets "improved". 

She would not be capable of swapping this over herself and having to replace the WiFi on all her devices..

My question is - is the email likely to be correct, or is this something that can wait for a month or two until I can get to see her and set it up? 


Sorry if this sounds so vague, but the TT email came out of the blue, she hasn't been having any issues (touch wood). 


Thanks all. 






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@Argy11 if the upgrade is completed before your next visit then your mother's internet service will be not work unless the current Netgear router is VDSL capable and even then it may require configuration for TalkTalk Fibre 35.


As the new router supplied by TT is compatible with both her current and future service it can be installed at any time.


As said above, it really is easy to swap routers and the new WiFi password is on a pull out card.


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Thanks Karl.

So there is no rush to put this in place?

I can wait until I'm next down south and install it then? 


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 Hi Argy11


This is an offer of a free upgrade to fibre.


If the new router is put in place, the wires at the back can connect in the same location at the new router, just with the new power supply. You could remote connect and change the wifi details to that of the old router so that devices do not have to change the wifi details.





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Staff will be back after the weekend, @Argy11.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Support Team
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Hi Argy11


Please can you add your name, your mother in laws name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile. We can then take a look at this for you.





Community Star
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@Argy11, for support from Talktalk's staff on the forum, please complete your community forum profile details. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; from the drop down menu that starts with "email", choose Personal Information. Put your own information in there, and then go to Private Notes, at the end of that section. 


Add your mother-in-law's name, address, landline number, and account number. SAVE CHANGES.


Staff will be able to lend support and track down what is happening. Please look out for their replies on here during the week (daytime).

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thanks Martswain


Do you know if TT will give any notice about the work being done? 

As I said, I would need to arrange a good journey to replace and sort out her WiFi connections.

May be lucky with remote support, but not always easy 😉


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It is likely she will be getting a free upgrade from ADSL to Fibre 35.


This is being rolled out to some customers in advance of the withdrawal of the copper phone network.


Therefore a VDSL compatible router has been sent to your mother and should be installed, it is compatible both with her current and future service.