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Router turning off all the time.

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Router is turning off all the time. Just gone through all the questions on the community on line chat, ended up with no reply at end off conversation. All i want is a router that stays on so i can not only connect with all devices around house but also use the you view digi-box to its potential without having to turn router off then back on just to get it working again. Contract coming to an end in a couple off months maybe time for a think!!


Support Team
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Hi Darren25,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which has detected a potential fault and the connection looks really unstable. Does your main socket have a test socket? If it does then would it be possible to connect the microfilter, router and phone at the test socket so we can re-run the line test again please? Is the voice service ok with no noise on the line?





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The hub lights are completely off, i have not tried a factory reset, was a bit worried about doing it


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Have you tried factory reseting the Hub via the pin hole at the rear? Is it completley lossing power and rebooting (all lights are going off) or is it just the Wireless which is dropping out?

If you require a new Hub an OCE can sort this from Monday, ensure your profile is filled in with your details such as Home telephone number so they can locate your account and arrange this for you.
Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!