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VPN Problem

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I daresay there are thousands of people clogging up the lines with the exact same issue that I'm having right now, since the whole of Britain is supposed to be working from home. Since they are clogging up the lines though, it's impossible to get through to the normal tech help channels so I'll post this here in the hope that somebody can help me out.


I've found it impossible to connect to the work systems through our VPN, which means that working from home is not achievable. Unfortunately I don't really have the technical expertise to be able to give an accurate description of what's happening, but in a nutshell I can connect to the wifi and Global Protect shows up as being 'connected', but I can't actually access anything or connect to the internet. I know this is a talk talk issue and not anything at my end because it works fine when I try to connect to other broadband providers, just not my own. It seems that something is just blocking my VPN from functioning. 


Reading through some of the other threads it seems there's a known issue with the router make DSL 3782, which is the one that I have. Is there any way to get around this problem ? In the current climate it's pretty damned important for this issue to be resolved asap. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi RobGoodwin


Apologies for this.


I can send you a replacement HG633 router, would you like me to arrange this?