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house move (urgent)

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I am asking again because I still don't understand!


I am moving home

I filled in the form on Talk Talk website to move home

I got the dates. I move tomorrow 3rd May and my service at my old home ends on the 4th May.

But I have been told I wont be connected at my new home until a week later on 11th May...why?

I have been told an engineer has to attend my new home...again, why?


When I joined Talk talk at my current address, I just ordered the router and TV box, plugged it in and Talk Talk switched it on, telling me when it was going 'live'.


I already have my Talk Talk router and TV box so why cant I just plug them in and start my new service when I move in? Why wait a week? and why does an engineer have to attend?


As I say, I am moving tomorrow and plugging in my router and TV box, surely Talk Talk can just switch it on at my new address?


So as I said, why do I have to wait a week for the engineer when before I just ordered the router and box, plugged it in and went 'live'?


I obviously will be using the same router and TV box so please cant I plug it all in and Talk Talk switch me on??


I really don't want to go a week and wait for an engineer and to be switched on as I suffer from epilepsy and rely on broadband for epilepsy alarms and alerts.

Please help!!




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@harvey7  I obviously missed your first post, but I see @ferguson has referred you back there.


You said in that topic you hadn't even booked the slot as of last Thursday, so you have actually done quite well in getting a connection date of the 11/5 as the recommended lead time for home moves is a minimum of two weeks.


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@harvey7 TalkTalk have already responded in your earlier topic here:



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An engineer will have to attend the exchange or cabinet to connect your services and possibly your home if further work is needed.


If the first date an engineer is available is the 11th then you'll have to live with it.


You should register your medical needs with TT if you need priority service, that can be done via your online account.