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Need to reset password on pipex mail account

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I'm trying to access my late husband's Pipex account email which I haven't checked for ages (he died almost 7 years ago). I have what I thought was the password but it isn't working. I can't reset the password because the pipex address isn't recognised to get to the account. Is there anything I can do?


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Hi anna12 


I don't have good news for you on access to your late husband's email mailbox.


Mailboxes are flagged for deletion if the user doesn't sign in at least once every 180 days. The help page  Deleted Email error message explains more.


So first you'd check if the email address is still active. Send the email address a mail message and see if you get an immediate bounce-back error message saying 'Undeliverable' that means the mailbox isn't active.


Do you know if your husband used the master pipex email address or an alias email address? You'll need to check both.


So,  enter the email address at Verifalia, an external website that verifies if an email address exists. Enter the email address, complete the reCAPTCHA and select the Validate button. Does the top line response say 'Deliverable' or 'Undeliverable' or something else?


Finally, use the Reset password now button in the Help page  Changing your email password to see if you get a deleted or no domain error message or if there are password recovery options saved. You must use the master pipex email address not an alias address. Notwithstanding that you'll be breaking UK Data Protection laws by accessing another person's email account.


Let us know the outcome in each case.


However, I do need to advise you that, even if the mailbox is 'Deliverable' and therefore exists, TalkTalk cannot help you to have access to it. The UK Data Protection Rules say that an email address is personal to the individual and shall not be disclosed after death even to next of kin or the executor of an estate.  The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) will explain should you need top level advice.

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