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Syncing my folder in my pop3 account with webmail account

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Anyone know how I can sync my folders on my laptop pop3 account to my TT webmail application. I have numerous folders with lots of vital emails cover a number of years, all stored on my laptop. Occasionally I need access to these on my tablet when travelling.


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TalkTalk Mail webmail will not synchronise to a POP3 mail account on your home device. 


You access TalkTalk Mail webmail either from home broadband or mobile broadband via a browser. Webmail connectivity acts as an IMAP email account. Or set up IMAP email accounts on each device using your preferred email client software to synchronise to the online mailbox.  Tip: You cannot change a POP3 account to IMAP.


Check that your wanted emails are saved in the standard eml format and you can drag and drop wanted mail messages to the signed in online mailbox. Tip: Software such as standard MS Outlook does not save messages in the standard eml format but Outlook for Windows does. 


Set up personal My Folders in TalkTalk Mail webmail if you have already sorted the older emails or you can use the online Archive function to create year by year sub-folders to hold previous messages.

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