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Ask us about your TalkTalk email account and Webmail.

Thunderbird not sending or receiving emails for two accounts

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One (my husband) from yesterday and mine from today although webmail is ok.

Is there any update on the question - 'Is the server down?' I am not tech savvy so have no idea how to resolve this.


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Thanks, I have changed the settings from tiscali to talk talk and I'm receiving and sending emails now. Just confused by my husband's server which is POP and don't know if I should change it to IMAP? Sorry to not be savvy in these matters

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You're using legacy host server settings. You need to be using host server settings and an up to date email client that supports secure encryption to the TLS 1.2 protocol.


I've given you the TalkTalk recommended settings.

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Gondola, you say I'm not using the correct settings but I have changed nothing and this has preciously worked well for some years. I cannot think the settings would change themselves?


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You're not using the correct email client settings. The server host name for all TalkTalk Mail domains (including all from the family) is for incoming mail and for outgoing mail with the normal email password for the sending address to authenticate the server connection. 


Please ensure you are using an up to date email client and device Operating system and then correct the incoming and outgoing server settings. If you need help with a specific device or email client then I'll need to know exactly what device and software version is in use for both the Operating System and email client software.


Heads up that there is planned email maintenance scheduled for overnight tonight.


The TalkTalk Mail Support Hub is your go to resource for information, guides and Community support for TalkTalk Consumer home broadband and MailPlus subscribers.


Select here:
TalkTalk Mail Support


TalkTalk Mail help
Using TalkTalk Mail

Changing your email password

Email settings and device setup guides for TalkTalk Mail

GondolaCommunity Star 2017-2024

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I've got exactly the same problem and have had it all day. In the past when this happens it mysteriously repairs itself. First time this has happened for some time but is really annoying. I have not changed anything since yesterday when it was working fine. I am pretty sure the problem is at TalkTalk's end.

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I assume a client Mozilla Thunderbird..?

Sorry, couldn't get screenshot but it says 'Failed to connect to server' when trying to receive mail 

Port 587

Not sure if this is what you want.

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Hi @DyRT60 


Apologies for this.


Can I just check, are you using webmail or an email client?


Would it be possible to post a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?


Could you also confirm your user settings for SMTP?