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Lifx Kasa from TP-Link UnPnP with TT Sagecom Fastnet 5364


I've spent hours (and not a little money) fighting, trying to get either a TP-Link Kasa Smartplug (HS100) or (preferably AND!) a Lifx smart lightbulb to work on my LAN. I use TT for my ISP, and so spent ages setting up one of their Sagecom Fastnet 5364 router/ modems, to "be good" (do it their way.)


I am increasingly convinced that my probems with the Lifx and Kasa are because I cannot turn UnPNP on. Now. I don't WANT UnPNP on, but I may need to turn it on temporarily to get either of these devices set up. They are not weird things from some obscure eBay source. If TalkTalk's modem can't work with a TP-Link device, I don't think it will dent my respect for TP-Link. And while Lifx isn't quite of the stature of TP-Link, I will be disappointed if Talk Talk won't work with that either.


Maybe I don't need UnPNP... if there's another route to getting the devices set up, I'd be please to hear what it is.

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uPnP is turned on permanently in the router, although I have requested that it can be controlled within the the router's UI.


However, uPnP has nothing to with devices not be able to connect to the router at all. Are you sure that you do not mean WPS?


What are the Wi-Fi specifications of these two devices & how are they supposed to connect, manually (in that case do the devices detect your WiFi network name - SSID), via WPS or via some app? Once I know this I should be able to help you.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Thank you Keith for the helpful comments... sorry about the "more coming" that was here. TalkTalk dumped me out, threw away my first attempt at reply. Sigh.


Are you sure the router is locked into UPnP ON? Text in webface, things I've read elsewhere, and common sense suggest it would  be locked OFF, if users aren't going to be granted the ability to make their own choice. Bah. Anyone else have a view?


I know about WPS, thanks... and the difference from UPnP. Pretty sure it's not a WPS issue.


With TP-Link / Kasa and Lifx being fairly "mainstream", and because I am using the TalkTalk standard router, I was hoping someone else had already fought these battles, knew the "gotchas" specific to them. I'll go into the sort of detail Keith asked for, if no one comes forward in a little while.