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Adsl2 router as AP for fttc

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Hello, my Adsl contract will end soon, and renewal seems to cost more than switching to a basic fibre contract?

My adsl2 router achieves great wifi coverage with fast broadband, which is good enough for me.

Not sure whether the TT wifi vdsl hub will do the same re wifi coverage, house setup is complex. If I went for basic fibre, I'd like to set up my old router as a wifi AP and use the TT hub just as a modem router, to be on the safe side initially.

A) Would that work?

B) If yes, how?

Or will I have to renew my Adsl contract and pay over the odds for it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you Martin. So it is possible to use the TT hub just as a modem router if the wifi cover on the TT hub doesn't reach.

I can switch on AP mode in my current Linksys router. Would I connect both devices via ethernet? And would I need to change the IP address range in my old router or would the AP mode take care of this automatically?

Bother, I really don't wont to do this at the moment and just continue with adsl at a reasonable rate!







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As no TT router or HUB can be used as a standalone modem, you will need to use the supplied fibre equipment as the router and then disable the routing function on your old device and set that up as an access point.


TT HUBs have pretty good WiFi coverage, so best to try that on its own if you upgrade to fibre.