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Canceled account, still being charged

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I changed provider back in September, canceled via a lengthy livechat, returned my router in the bag TalkTalk provided, and despite my dashboard clearly stating 'Fibre 65 contract came to an end on 26/09/23 they have still been charging me £29.95 a month (& various fees) for a service I no longer have or use.


I requested a callback after another livechat with someone who claimed that despite being in retention, he was unable to terminate the account, and that I would need to be contacted by phone. I was told they'd make three attempts to call, and in the month(!) since, I have had ONE missed call.


I had no issues with TalkTalk whatsoever during my time as a customer, so I'm incredibly disappointed & frustrated that this is how they conduct (former) business. 


tldr: canceled, sent back the router, still being charged


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Do you have the tracking number or proof of postage I can add it to your account to stop any potential charges.


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Resolved now - thanks everyone - , but they've sent me another returns bag for the router I already returned to them when I first attempted to cancel. Should I talk to customer services? I don't want them to try and charge me £50! 


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Apparently the new provider failed to do so. I'll call the loyalty team myself, though why they only made one attempt and not the three I was informed of is a little below par! Thanks for your help


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Did your new provider request to take the number off us? Usually when this happens the cancellation process is automatically started.  


At the moment the account is still live and is continuing to generate bills you will need to call the loyalty team on 03451720088 to cancel it. 


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The end of contract date is simply the end of the minimum period, usually discounted, which rolls on at full price thereafter. 


Chat is not authorised to process cancellations, hence the missed call, as they were trying to reach you by phone.


That's why we recommend only phoning 03451 720088 to cancel. 


You will need to call that number again to sort this out.


You'll see a snail mail address is also given in the Ts&Cs that are linked at the foot of the page, @CIV3S.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.