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Connection Dropping Out

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For about a week now my connection has been dropping out, at first it was a few times a day and I only noticed it on the WiFi-connected PC I was working on furthest away from the router - now it's got really bad, it's happening multiple times an hour and affecting everything including our phones and ethernet-connected TV etc, the connection is basically unusable today.


The connection uptime shown in the router admin panel is unaffected, nothing in the logs indicates that there was actually an internet disconnection.


Today I've tried connecting the router to the test socket but that didn't make any difference. My dial tone sounds fine. For some reason the TalkTalk line test tool just keeps telling me this: "Oops, looks like something went wrong. We're currently struggling to fetch the relevant information due to technical difficulties".


It got so bad dropping out every few minutes this afternoon that I found an old HG633 router and tried plugging that in instead of the Sagemcom hub; for a few hours it seemed to help but I think it was a coincidence as it has dropped out exactly the same way again 3 times in the last hour.