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Disabling Wifi Optimisation Request

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Hi Community !
The Wifi Optimisation on my Sagemcom Fast 5364 is driving me crazy.
When I set the channels (2.4GHz and 5GHz) manually to avoid heavily crowded channels, everything works great until it automatically changes back to a choked channel after a short time.

I really need to have the Optimisation disabled.


The TalkTalk call centre staff have never heard of Wifi Optimisation and are no help at all.

Please, please could you advise how I can get this disabled?

I can see that other users have had great success with this.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Perry,


I'd change the DNS under static DNS server configuration. You may find the that other changes automatically to the same settings


I'll find out about the backup and restore, and get back to you


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Thanks Chris,

That's brilliant! Wi-Fi channels are now staying where I put them and working great.

(It seems strange that the call centre helpline engineers have no idea at all about this??)


Please would it be OK to ask another couple of simple router related questions?

I have a PDF manual for the router, but it's for an older firmware and doesn't answer my queries....


1) With the SG4K100174 firmware for the Sagemcom router, it seems "Backup and Restore" has been removed from the maintenance section. Is there any other way to save a backup of changes I've made to the settings?


2) I like to use the Google and Cloudflare DNS's as they seem faster to me. However, there are two places in the Sagemcom settings these could be applied - in TalkTalk Wifi Hub and in Internet Connectivity.

Could you advise how to best set these two setting pages?


Perrym_2-1702728907731.png  .....Perrym_1-1702728795745.png

Thanks again for your great help. It's much appreciated 😊.




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Thanks Perry. I've disabled wifi optimisation. Just let us know if you need any further assistance


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Hi Chris.
Thanks for the reply.
I have the Sagemcom Fast 5364.

I've added my details to my profile as you requested.

Any help with getting Wifi Optimisation disabled is appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


Support Team
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Hi Perry-m,


Which router do you have? Can you add your TalkTalk landline telephone number to your community profile