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Fibre 65 not available

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I moved home about a month ago. I had Fibre 65 in my old place which is in the same block of my new house. After moving and solving a problem with my address (it didn’t showed up in their system) I placed my home move order and got offered the same Fibre 65 package but at lower price. This was done on the 3rd of this month. The service was supposed to be live on the 20th and it didn’t. Now TalkTalk is saying that Fibre 65 is not available in my new house, only Fast Broadband is available as I don’t have fibre cables installed. I Asked if it is possible to install fibre cables and they said no as they don’t have fibre poles in my area. Any ideia what is going on? 


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Hi Jjsms


Thanks for your post

I can try to look into this but first, can you please update your community profile to include:



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@Jjsms what a load of rubbish, if there is a physical connection available then there would be sufficient bandwidth to provide the speed to all those connections.

The guaranteed speed on FTTC depends mainly on the length of the copper line to your home, the port in the cabinet is set to 40/10 or 80/20 depending on whether you have purchased a Fibre 35 or 65 package.

Fobbed off comes to mind.




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so that was exactly the problem. Injusto talked with the costumer service and they finally explained that the  exchange were my house is connected have a lot of houses connected and the speed of their fibre broadband would fall below their promised speed. 

they could have explained that to me in the first place. I would totally understand and would accept the fast broadband option. 


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They are possibly confusing the product, @Jjsms. If you speak to them again, mention Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and spell out that you are not asking for Fibre to the Premises.


That said, if capacity has been reached in the cabinet, it may well be the case that they can only offer you Fast Broadband. That is the case where I live.


So worth investigating further.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It came over the phone line. 

Could be. But it’s strange because I live right in the centre of my town and I only moved 200 yards down the street. I called then several times this last week and they kept saying that “ I have no fibre cable installed, so I can’t have ‘full fibre’”. 


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Do you mean Full Fibre ?


Did your old "Fibre 65" actually come over the phone line rather than having real fibre and an ONT connection in your home ?

If it was over the phone line then there may not be any connections available in the fibre cabinet serving your location.