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Fibre broadband unable to be connected as engineer unable to enter property


So uh. Yeah. No pre existing connection at this property and since the engineer who turned up today wasnt allowed to enter, am I gonna be paying for a connection that literally isnt there until the lockdown is lifted and the dude is able to come into my property to install the line?

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Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

I've now been sent my first bill, including extra charges from the scheduled appointment with the engineer to the start of my contract.


So I'm going to have to pay for a time I had no connection in addition to my normal bill, and I rill probably have to pay that until June when I might get it installed.


I do not want to hand over £50 for something I do not have. I am already paying money to ee to give me extra 4g for every month, because no internet. Pretty soon half my universal credit money will gd going on phone and internet, and I still won't have any internet!

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you should try take this up with the financial Ombudsman...if you've had no service then you shouldn't have to pay...reading all these posts and with the problems I'm having myself I'm starting to regret going with talk talk after years of being with sky...the extra fiver a month would have been worth it than this...good luck
jd britton