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Final Bill

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Hi there, I've just decided to switch provider after being with TalkTalk for many years. I've just looked and my final bill which is priced at £46.62. I understand that I am now out of contract and expected a slight increase but I am being charged for the unlimited calls boost which was still free for myself until the 2nd of August and have removed this now anyway as I don't use it and didn't want to incur any additional charges now I'm out of contract. I've also been charged £5 for the fibre speed boost which I was previously getting for free but I couldn't find anywhere on the site to reduce this to the standard fibre for the remaining time I'm with TalkTalk. It's a real pain sorting everything now as it used to be super easy with the webchat function which I cannot remember the last time it was available and people shouldn't really be charged for something they cannot remove. I believe the switch takes place on the 9th of August. Could somebody please make the necessary adjustments on my account and arrange the correct pro rata bill for myself which  currently is about double what I was previously paying.


Many thanks in advance.



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I think you would probably need to call the Loyalty Team (0345 172 0046 - Say "loyalty team" when asked why you are calling to get you straight through to the correct department) to see about removing the speed boost, but I'm not even sure if they could do it or if it would be practical if there is a pending cancellation on the line. I guess you can only ask.


Live chat is here: Our update on Coronavirus - TalkTalk Help & Support and has always been available (even through the whole pandemic). That page also includes the current phone and chat support opening hours.



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To remove the Fibre speed boost, @natman, you must phone 03451 720046.


It can't be done any other way. They close today at 7pm.


Open 9am. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Cheers Ally, how do I remove the fibre boost? I can't seem to find it on my account. Everything was so much easier when webchat was functioning and things could be sorted instantly.


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@natman wrote:

So was it pointless removing the calls boost

If your bill was produced before you removed the calls boost you will still be billed for it for the month in advance. Any overpayment from the point the boost was cancelled will be credited back to you in your next month's bill, so it wasn't pointless removing it.


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Thanks martswain. So was it pointless removing the calls boost and wanting to remove the speed boost? Sorry if I'm sounding a bit simple. I think the contract ended on the 23rd of July and have just arranged the switch yesterday and been given the date of the 9th of August.


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TT bill monthly in advance, so if your discounts end in the coming month BEFORE you are disconnected, you pay for them.


Next month, after the disconnection date is KNOWN and entered in the system you will get a pro-rata refund and be able to claim that through your account.


The month after that you will get a bill for £0.00 and then it's safe to cancel your Direct Debit if paying that way.


You are here too early !