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Slow Fibre 150 - Multiple engineer visits already

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Hi there, I have seen a few posts regarding slow speeds with Fibre 150 that seem to be similar to the problems I have been experiencing (since contract started really)

I seem to be almost always achieving only approx 35-39 MB download speeds instead of anywhere near the guaranteed minimum. If you were to look at the daily/monthly average speeds over the course of the contract (which I imagine can be done), you'd see that it averages out at about 35MB.

I've had 3 visits so far (possibly four including today!) and many many hours on Chat or Phone. The Chat is incredibly useless unfortunately, although I appreciate they are running through scripts. I connected via ethernet to the router to test speeds (same result) but the chat suggested WIFI Guides and tips (makes no sense!)

I'm not sure where to go with this really, in the 3 visits I've had the engineer has done 'something' which has increased speeds to 95-99MB, still under the guarantee but better. Each time though, after a week or two, the speeds fall to 30MB again. I should raise this more each time, but as I'm sure you can appreciate it is really painful to do so. 

Todays engineer visit was signed off as resolved with no change to speeds at all - not sure they did anything really.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, if its not resolved this time then I'd definitely be looking to initiate the 30 day non-resolved cancellation policy (with no charges), as it's been a long and painful road trying to get the speeds I pay for.

Thanks and apologies for the wall of text!



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OK thanks. It may be Monday before we get around to it as we are a bit short staffed today



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Hi Daniel,

As Gliwmaeden2 has said, can you post in the billing section and we'll take a look at this for you



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Pop a thread in the billing section, @DanielGaze, re the charge.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Debbie, apologies I hadn't seen this post - yes the connection has been stable since the engineer visit.


However what's prompted me to return to this post is the fact that in this months bill I've been charged for the engineer visit. I'm not really surprised, as I suspected this would happen despite the fact that the identified problem was found to be completely external to my property (on another road in fact!) and the engineer stating very plainly that there wouldn't be a charge for the visit.


I'd like the engineer charge refunded please - it's a shame that I'm having to put yet more time toward this when it seemed to have been resolved and completed. 


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Morning @DanielGaze 


How's the connection/speed been since your last post?


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Good afternoon,


I'm glad to hear this and thanks for the update. If the work was completed externally on Openreach maintained equipment then charges will not be applied. We'll check back in with you on Friday just to ensure that your speeds have remained consistent.




Michelle 🙂



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Hi just reporting back as the OpenReach engineer has just left. It's good news as the speeds are up to what they should be. In terms of the fault, the engineer said that there's 2 junctions before the connection gets to my box outside my front door, it basically does a weird double hop going from the Exchange box to two junctions and then to my property. The loss of speed was occurring between junctions 2 and 3 due to a faulty cable, which he was able to replace and resolve. After that the speeds maintained coming onto the connection box attached to my property. He said that the issue could have been there for a long time, and said I certainly wouldn't expect a charge for it as the fault is off-premise. I'm sure the notes will reflect the same - but hopefully I'll be able to get written confirmation that I won't be charged for the work carried out?

In any case many thanks for the efforts involved, certainly a good result. 

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Ok great thanks Debbie, I'll ensure to take some notes from the engineer too and report back. Thanks!

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Hi Dan


I've arranged the engineer visit for 17/06 AM (8am - 1pm)


Please let us know how you get on following this visit, we can also check the engineers notes.






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I guess I'll need to - AM is probably better if possible thanks. Just to advise Sunday 30th June - Friday 5th July we'll be unavailable

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Hi Dan


Ok, would you like me to go ahead and arrange the engineer visit?


When are you available AM and PM?


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I've tried an ethernet connection directly to the openreach equipment so it's definitely not the router. I can't imagine it'd be a wiring problem as that would have been spotted on previous visits. So I can't imagine what there would be that would incur charges. 

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Hi Dan


If the fault is found to be with Openreach maintained equipment up to the test socket, then no charges would be applied.


Charges can be applied if the fault is found to be with the router, internal wiring or any damage to the wiring or master socket etc.


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Morning Michelle, thanks for monitoring. What are the circumstances around the potential time related charges? What potential issues might be identified that would mean me getting charged? As I've mentioned this has been an ongoing issue over time with multiple engineer visits already and seemingly no resolution. 

Considering that I've never reached anywhere near guaranteed minimum speeds, do I have grounds for no-fee contract termination? I'd rather do that than have to pay £50-£100 in time related charges to be honest.


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Morning Dan,


I've re-checked your connection stats now and the sync speed hasn't increased. If you've like us to arrange the engineer visit then please can you confirm acceptance of possible time related charges and also provide some availability AM (8-1) or PM (1-6) and we'll book this in for you.







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Hi Dan,


I understand and I'll keep you updated on this.





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Ok thanks Michelle, I'll wait to see how it develops but I am sceptical about the time related engineer charges - given the experience over time that I've had, and if you consider that I've never had the guaranteed minimum speeds despite multiple calls logs, visits etc, I'm certainly not too far away from requesting a no-fee contract termination. Obviously I'm happy to give it another shot but as I'm sure you can's gone on long enough and I've spent way too much time on it.


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Hi Dan,


We'd have to agree possible time related engineer charges if we arrange the visit but this wouldn't apply if the engineer locates the fault on Openreach maintained equipment. We are here first thing in the morning so we'll re-check your connection stats and will post an update straight here.