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Sluggish Internet Speed - Router Problem?

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I have a Sagemcom TalkTalk router and currently getting about 42mb from the internet to the router which is good for where we live. However, the speed from the router to our devices has become quite sluggish. We have over 20 devices connected to the router including 4 devices through ethernet. Even our Sky Q box takes a bit of time loading the TV guide and that is one of the devices on ethernet. I've done all the tests through TalkTalk and everything is coming back good.


I've rebooted the router to see if that improves anything and I've also left it switched off for 5 minutes but neither seems to do anything. I'm not sure if our internet is being 'throttled' but I've also considered that maybe my router is struggling to keep up with the number of devices connected to it.


Can anyone suggest any fixes or recommend a better router? I know TalkTalk advise using a TalkTalk router, but if it does turn out to be my router struggling with all our devices, then I'm going to want to upgrade to something better.


Thanks for any help.


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Hi Jon


Thanks for your reply.


If you would like me to send one in the future then just let me know here.




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Hi Debbie,


Thanks for the offer, but I'll say no to a router being sent out. I don't think there's anything wrong with the router itself. I think it's probably down to a combination of our internet speed and the number of devices connected to it.


Thank you.


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Hi JonHC1


Would you like me to send the Sagemcom hub for testing?


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Hi JonHC1


It would be a Sagemcom WIFI hub but this would help rule out any faults with your current router.


Please let me know if you would like me to send this for testing.


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Hi Debbie. If it's the same model that I already have then I'm not sure it would make a difference, but you can send a replacement router to try if you think it might improve things. The model I have is a Sagemcom, device version FAST 5364-3. T8 if that helps.


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Hi JonHC1


Would you like me to send a replacement router for testing to see how the connection compares?


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That would depend on how much data each of these devices are transmitting or receiving simultaneously. The router can handle that many devices, but your 40M internet connection may not be able to handle the sum total of data.

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