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Wrong Payment

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I have just signed up for a new contract, after twice the other contracts wasn't put through. I was getting a bill that was wrong, I now have paid my bill with a discount I was offered, but the discount hasn't been taken off and it is still saying I still owe money. I have an email and a letter with my new contract and the discount that is put on for 3 months. I really don't understand why Talk Talk has started going down this road, It used to be a real good service, now, I am thinking of leaving as I have had enough.



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Im sorry that you feel this way, I will pass this on as feedback. 


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@tonka2426, once a bill has been made up it can't be altered. Rules of accounting etc, so the email notification of what you pay is as fixed as if a paper bill were sent out.


Contract dates and billing dates are very rarely the same. 


Hence they catch up on the subsequent bill covering adjustments as well as showing the new month going forward. 


Very frustrating that it took a third go at renewal to get it set up at all!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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i'm tired of all this, first I have two contracts not honored, and am left for 6 weeks trying to sort it out, now I am told that a deal that was put in place didn't start till after my bill was put out. I am looking for another provider, Your company is going down the tubes, and it's the staff that is doing it. It's a shame, because Tak Talk used to be a good company, Not anymore. You don't help your customer, all you want is the money from them.


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Hi tonka2426


I have checked the account, the discounts didn't start till the 6th of the month which is after your bill was produced, and will only begin from your next bill, What will happen next month is any overpayments will automatically be credited to that bill. 


The remining balance has been removed. 


Sorry for any confusion.