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downloads speed has dropped to 10mbps

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good morning everyone and A happy new year to all.


All has been going well until yesterday when I returned home ..Noticed that my internet speed was extremely low. I am on fibre 65 with copper cable from cabinet to property ( OPEN REACH have missed us off the national network upgrade as all our lines are underground and will not upgrade until individual customers request this  - long story for another time  ) 


Download speed is usually around 55mbps which is ample for our family and work purposes . Yet noted that is was now 10mbps yet the uploads speed was around 15mbps. I undertook speed tests via talktalk speed test and via OOKLA separately ...Both indicates no issues with PING or LATENCY yet showed that my downloads speed was around 10mbps.


I reported this via talktalk webpage and was advised there was a fault on my service...which I thought GREAT !! it would be sorted out overnight..How wrong I was....checked back this morning having received a text message advising there was no fault found and after checking again via the talktalk support page endued up on chat service ....and after an hour or so was advised that an engineer would be required ....only after been told to remove the open reach socket ....check all my devices ( all disconnected for testing and no issues found ) multiple lines tests...router reboots...rooter power off and on several times ...more reboots.....


I cant understand why the uploads speeds are unaffected and PING and LATENCY are also unaffected yet downloads are very low speeds....


Do talk talk throttle back ''unlimited'' fibre?

We only watch tv now via the internet and it has taken a hammering over Christmas yet not to a massive degree...


So engineer coming tomorrow...not sure who as talktalk agent would not give me the company name ( so much for security etc - will probably by MJ QUINN bit it would be nice to know ) 


and I did get the standard ..''if we cant find anything you will be charged £75'' ...


has anyone else experienced speed issues lately ?

Surfing from The Independent Republic of Yorkshire

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Hi moorlander


I'm really sorry to hear this.


The line test is clear but I can see a high number of re connections on the line and this will affect the sync speed.


Has the connection been dropping or has the router been rebooted?


Is the router at the test socket at the moment?