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Can't leave TalkTalk

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I was having issues upgrading my packages to a faster speed. They kept getting rejected and nobody could figure out why so I eventually decided to leave for Plusnet.
Open reach have been and replaced the OTP thing and I am now live with Plusnet at a faster speed. I was told I didn't have to speak to talktalk as plusnet would put a request to take over the line. 
However, after going live with Plusnet I checked to make sure my TalkTalk account and services were to be closed, they were not.
Did a chat and was told that the cease request from new provider wasn't carried out.  I think it must have been since they have control of the line now. I have double checked with Plusnet and they said open reach actually sends said requests but since I am live with Plusnet it must have gone through.
I put a manual cease on the line through the chat on December 22nd which was to cancel on the 29th December. It did not happen, i was told it was rejected, nobody can find out why again.
I have put another cease request in today but I am choosing to cease payments here as I am being held as a customer against my wishes. I just want all my talktalk services cancelled. 

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@JayRef1, if you try cancelling using Chat, they require you to respond to a phone call anyway.


They are not authorised to process the cancellation themselves and nor are forum staff.


They will also be expecting you to observe the notification period, if no request was put through by Plusnet. 


Check also the Ts&Cs available in the link at the foot of the page.


That also offers the solution of writing in and gives the address to send to.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I get what your saying but it says "suggest".  I then have later got in contact with talktalk by chat. It does not say from what I can see in the terms and conditions that you must phone. Also I am hard of hearing so cannot hear on the phone, this is exactly what the chat service is for. Its 2023, i should be able to cancel on my account without having to speak to anyone at all. My contract ran out mid November by the way.

When I did contact them, we agreed for a cease/cancel on 29th December. I think talktalk call this a solicited cease. Talktalk then did not carry this out or inform me of this. When asked why, I was told my cancellation was rejected and that they simply we don't know why, followed by bumping me around 5 different departments who also don't know or care.  The suggestion been to cancel/cease again which is what I have done. I know it will get rejected again and they will continue to charge me for nothing. Remember, they are literally providing me no service as of the 21st December.

I don't want a refund, I just want to leave. I am willing to return their equipment if needed.


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You should always check Talktalk's own instructions re cancellation, @JayRef1, and you should always phone.


It's a fast changing world, and so the situation with switching has become complicated. 


Talktalk says:

"However, we suggest that you always let us know if you're thinking of leaving so we can make sure your account is correctly closed."


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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You should never cancel a Direct Debit as it can cause you all sorts of issues later on including penalty fees being added for late payment and it may affect your credit rating too. You are covered by the DD guarantee so should get your money back.


Also any refund is processed by your payment method, in this case your direct debit.


Normally staff here cannot get involved in cancellation issues, so unfortunately you will need to phone and speak to the loyalty team.

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