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Eero 6 cannot obtain IP address

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Hi. I'm hoping that someone from the TalkTalk technical team can help me with what I hope is a simple issue.


I was recently "upgraded" to full fibre and some time after installation sent an Eero 6 unit plus digital voice adapter.  Until now I have been using a TalkTalk hub with digital phone connection that the (City Fibre) installation team left me, connected via ethernet cable to the ONT. Internet connection is fine and phone connection is fine (one small issue with the phone that I'll deal with separately if the Eero doesn't fix it).


I have just got around to installing the Eero 6 using the app. and in full accordance with the TalkTalk instructions. I can get so far with it connecting but it fails at the third step in it's diagnostic routine "unable to obtain IP address".  I contacted the Eero support team per the app and went through a number of diagnostics, connecting / reconnecting / switching on and off etc. etc.

-  The Eero connected directly to the ONT via ethernet cable cannot obtain an IP address

-  We then connected the Eero via ethernet cable to the TalkTalk hub using a LAN output from the hub, with the hub connected to the ONT via ethernet cable. With this connection in place I was able to connect the Eero to the internet and update the firmware.

- Reconnecting the Eero again directly to the ONT again it was not able to obtain an IP address.



> Nothing wrong with our line or internet connection (connects fine with the TalkTalk hub)

> Nothing wrong with the Eero hardware (connects OK through the TalkTalk hub)

> Nothing wrong with any of the ethernet cables (same cables in each test)

>>  The conclusion from the Eero help desk was that I needed to contact TalkTalk and ask them to "Whitelist" my Eero S/N.


I have tried both 'phone and online chat to sort this out but although the agents are always very helpful none of them seem to have heard of this "whitelisting" process and all want to run through the standard router checks etc.,  which are not really relevant as the internet connection itself and the TalkTalk hub are fine. In the end I ran out of time to carry on these chats and left it with the last chat agent asking if they could follow up in the background. 


Googling the issue I found other references to the same problem in the "community" pages, which seemed to have been sorted out by someone from TalkTalk "updating their profile" (maybe this is the same as "whitelisting" them?).


My apologies if I'm double doing this, but I can't afford any more time on 'phones or chat - If I supply account details would it be possible for someone from TalkTalk to check whether the online chat team are sorting this out already or if not help to sort this out?

Thanks in advance for your help and support, and again apologies if I'm doubling up.


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Thanks for posting back to let us know 🙂




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Good morning Michelle and Chris,


Thanks again for your interest. Not really relevant to the TalkTalk service but I thought I'd share this anyway .... I had an idea overnight for a work around and I've managed to connect my tablet to the internet by Bluetooth tethering it to my mobile phone. It works OK and will allow me to do updates / load new apps etc.


Thanks again


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Thanks for the update and please let us know how you get on.







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Good evening Chris,


No worries - I'll carry on digging. If I am able to find a solution I may message you just so you know in the remote chance someone else is ever in the same position.


Everything else is still working OK. I did a signal strength check and the Eero does seem a little down on the TalkTalk hub  - it's fine in the areas we usually use it but a bit weak in the upstairs rooms that our children sometimes use for remote working when they visit  - have to see how it goes.


I asked earlier about being able to specify the channel on the Eero same as you can on the hub - much Googling reveals that it is a common topic on Eero help pages and you cannot set the channel - you have to use what the Eero chooses (looks like either 1 or 11). Hopefully I won't have any issues but it does seem to cause problems for people who live in blocks of flats .... one poor guy (in the US I think) was in a new build apartment block which the builders had kindly supplied with an Eero in every apartment - all of which seemed to be on the same channel - resulting in seriously slow WiFi speeds and people changing to alternative kit.


Anyhow, I digress.  Once again thank you so much for your really fast and comprehensive help. 

All the best


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Hi Carpet_01,


Thanks for the information. Sorry, I can't think of anything to suggest with the Nexus 7



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Good morning Chris, thanks for following up:


- Laptop connected straight through - I'm replying on it

- Incoming calls issue appears to be solved - I left the landline connected through the Eero overnight and no incoming missed calls

- Both mobiles connecting OK (wife's on 2.4GHz / mine on 5GHz)

- TV threw a bit of a wobbly last night, refusing to connect a couple of times, but going through a full reset seems to have got it going again OK


Interestingly, sometimes my 'phone shows on the "connected devices" screen as a "Android device" and sometimes it shows up by name "Motorola G-13" ... curious ... on the old Hub it always showed up by name.


At some point today I'll go round the house and do a coverage check - before disconnecting the TalkTalk hub I went round with a WiFi Frequency analyser measuring signal strength so I should be able to do a back to back.


The only thing I can't get working at the moment is my old Google / Asus Nexus 7 (2012 "gen 1" model), which appears to connect to the Eero, being initially identified on the Eero app as connected, but will not connect through to the internet and eventually disconnects. Following the "help" page I've tried resetting the Nexus WiFi and temporarily switching off 5GHz and WAP3 on the Eero but to no avail. I'll keep trying whatever I can find but there aren't many references to current use Nexus 7's on the internet - to be fair it's enjoying a bit if an afterlife as it pretty much stopped working years ago due to lack of updates (stuck at Android 6) but I managed to keep it going with a help of a knowledgeable colleague by rooting it with a non-standard Lineage Android 7 OS, so it's a bit on borrowed time - but it is very useful and so I'd like to keep it going if at all possible ... any ideas?


Once again thanks for your ongoing help and support.



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Hi Carpet_01,


How is the connection to the laptop this morning, still OK?


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Second update:


Good evening Chris.


After a spot of Googling ref the W10 PC connecting I have had another stab at connecting my laptop with the Eero.


Previously I tried "forgetting" the network and re-submitting the password. It didn't work.

Re-trying this evening I tried the same thing and the laptop connected. Before celebrating too much I tried shutting down the laptop and re-starting .... it didn't connect to the internet on starting, and this time the "forget network" trick didn't work - it  connected to the Eero but with no internet access.

Trying again a couple of times it still wouldn't access the internet, but I've just tried it again and this time it's connected - I'm sending this from my PC over the Eero. 

So the PC appears to be able to access the internet, but it doesn't seem to work every time.

> Any thoughts?


Also my wife's mobile now shows up on the "connected devices" list, and the landline appears to be working OK - I'll monitor the 30 minute unanswered calls issue overnight and again feed back.


Once again thanks for your patient help and support - nearly there!


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Hi Chris,


Thanks again for your help with this ........... reporting back:


- The TalkTalk hub is still working - I got your message through it and am currently using it,

- The Eero fired up OK and gave a solid white LED. Initially I got a "no internet" message on the Eero app but after a "forget / reconnect" on my mobile I was able to access the internet through my mobile OK.

- My Android mobile connects OK (5GHz) and shows as connected.

- My wife's Android mobile connects OK (2.4GHz) although the Eero app does not show it as connected.

- The smart TV connects OK (2.4GHz) - I forgot to look and see if it showed as connected when I switched it on.

- The landline seems to work OK although it initially threw a couple of wobblies - keeping saying "line error" or some such, going completely off line for a bit, changing the time on the handset, then recording a phantom incoming call and leaving a slow flashing blue on the unit ("voicemail"). Maybe just switch on issues and I'd need to do a longer check before I was confident that it was totally stable?


- My Windows laptop will not connect to the internet - it says "connected" but "no internet access" and I get the "not connected" icon in the taskbar. Hence I am now connected through the TalkTalk hub again.


Sorry to hassle you again but any ideas on the following, or do I need to contact the Eero guys?

Main worry

- Why won't my laptop connect through the Eero? It's a few years old but running W10 and I've never had a problem before. It's on 2.4GHz. I couldn't see any settings that needed changing anywhere ...

Lesser issues

- Why my wife's phone wasn't showing as connected?

- How do I access the "voicemessage" that the flashing light on the Grandstream box is telling me I've got? Do I need to have fully enabled the "Digital Voice" system with app and linkage to my mobile?

- Can I change the channel that the Eero uses? There's a lot of WiFi activity round me, including my next door neighbour who uses all 3 of the "wide spaced" channels (!) so I have always manually shifted our router to a mid-channel with least competition (usually C3 - I have a frequency analyser). Or is the Eero clever enough to find a clear space itself? I can see that it has a "busyness" indicator .....


Thanks again for your patient support, it's really appreciated.


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Thanks for the feedback, apologies for any inconvenience 


I've made the change, it may take a few minutes to take effect.



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Hi Chris,


Thank you for taking the time and trouble to read my rather lengthy message and your clear reply. I'm really glad my query found you!


If you think that changing to the Eero will fix the incoming calls issue, whilst the TalkTalk hub will still be available as a back up even if the settings are changed to enable the Eero, then "yes please" I will have a go at changing over to the Eero.


> Please can you change the  setting to allow the Eero to connect.

> If possible please could you also message me when it is done so that I can change over.  So long as the Hub still works I'll get the message :+).

> I'll let you know how things work out once connected and running for a while.


Again thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and for your clear understanding of the issue and comprehensive response. I don't know if you have the facility to be able to feedback into your system but clearly something was amiss with the process here. To be fair the issues may a result of the "upgrade" being "pushed" by TalkTalk, and my changing the installation date to an earlier one causing in a "gap" in the TalkTalk system, but there have been a couple of systemic failures here that I think it would benefit TalkTalk to look into to avoid other customer problems:

- The correct equipment to allow me to connect my landline to the new full fibre system was not supplied in advance of the installation, meaning I could potentially have been left without a landline.

- When the new equipment was sent it was not complete - only the Eero and no Digital Voice Adapter,

- The Eero was sent without the TalkTalk system being adjusted to allow it to connect - a process which doesn't seem to be known to the agents on Chat or 'phone help line?


I only mention these things in the spirit of trying to help TalkTalk avoid future customer issues .... it's not a complaint :+).


Once again thank you so much for your fast and comprehensive help.


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Hi Carpet_01,


I'll try to answer your questions. 


  • The incoming call issue doesn't happen with the eero only the hub 2, we can fix this anyway
  • Regarding the range, I think they are pretty comparable but some customers have said that the wireless range of the wifi hub seems to be better than one eero
  • If you are completely happy with the wifi hub and if fulfills your needs then you may not see a significant improvement by swapping to the eero. There is more information in the following help article about the eero's features - Future of Home Wi-Fi | Eero 6 | TalkTalk

I've checked the firmware version of your wifi hub and it's running the latest version. This means that if I make the change that I spoke about earlier it shouldn't cause any problems with the wifi hub and should allow the eero to connect. I can reverse the change anyway if it does cause any problems


Just let me know if you'd like me to change the setting to allow the eero to connect



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Hi Chris - thanks for getting back to me .... actually I had seen that it was you that seemed to have sorted out this issue for other community members :+).


Thanks for identifying the potential for the TalkTalk hub to stop working - this is actually an important thing for me and since you understand the technical issues and seem to know what you are talking about please can I bore you with the full story in case you can help me come to a decision. There's a bit of a long background story that I need to share, so in advance my apologies for the length of this:


We were "upgraded" to full fibre at the invitation of TalkTalk - I received an email offering a free upgrade to full fibre with digital voice as a "loyal customer". For our use the fibre 35 package that we had was perfectly adequate, but I understand the issue that eventually we will need to change to full fibre when copper is switched off and so thought I'd take advantage of this opportunity. TalkTalk proposed a date but it was not convenient for us so I changed it to an earlier date.


On the agreed date a team from City Fibre came and installed the fibre system.  I do have a certain amount of technical understanding, and I knew that the TalkTalk router hub that we had did not have the facility for connecting the telephone. I was concerned that once the fibre system was installed our copper line would be switched off (it has been) and so I asked the installation guys about how I was supposed to connect my landlne. They thought that I should have been already sent a new router by TalkTalk - I hadn't - but fortunately they had a suitable TalkTalk router hub in the back of their van .... I don't know where it came from as it wasn't boxed, but I connected it up and it worked fine for both internet and landline. All good.


After a day or so we noticed that out DECT phone (BT6590) was lighting up every so often when not in use. Checking it out we found that every 30 minutes we were receiving an "incoming call" which was not causing the phone to ring, just registering as an unanswered incoming call. After a day or so these calls are completely filling up our calls log on the phone.


As usual I Googled this and found that other people had found the same issue so I contacted the TalkTalk help line. The agent that I spoke with seemed surprised that we had not been sent a new router for the digital voice service, apologised, and said he'd send me a replacement router. A few days later the Eero 6 hub turned up. Looking at installing it I quickly realised that there was no way to connect the landline to it and looking at the literature I understood that we also needed a "Digital Voice Adapter" which we didn't have. So again I contacted the help line, the agent arranged to send me a DVA and a Grandstream DVA duly arrived.  For various reasons I've only just got around to trying to install the Eero / Grandstream with the results outlined in my original post.


According to my understanding the Eero should offer advantages of allowing more connections and the ability to create a network using additional hubs (albeit at quite a cost) but I have been told that it actually has less range than the TalkTalk hub that we are currently using, which is just about on the limit of being able to reach all parts of our house.


For our use the TalkTalk hub works perfectly and just about reaches the whole house. For our use we don't need any additional device connectability, there are only 2 of us in the house and only 3 or 4 devices to connect.


So ....... at face value on my limited understanding I think that the TalkTalk hub offers a better technical solution for us than the Eero:

 - Better range without having to buy additional hardware

 - Only 1 unit to locate (the hub includes the phone connection)

 - Only 1 power socket required / vampire power draw (TalkTalk hub Vs Eero + Grandstream)

But ..... we have this "incoming call" issue that means we have to clear the phone memory every day and leaves us with a minor background concern as to whether it's having any other impact on our service?


To the nub of my dilemma - I don't particularly want to change over to the Eero if it doesn't fix the "incoming call" problem as I don't see that it currently offers me any advantage over what I am currently using, in fact a couple of disadvantages, and if enabling the Eero will stop the TalkTalk hub from working then I won't have the option to go back to it.


Please could I ask your advice:

> Do you know about the 30 minute  "incoming call" issue?

> Do you think that changing to the Eero 6 and Grandstream will fix it?

> How does the WiFi range of the Eero 6 compare with the TalkTalk hub in a normal household installation?

> Are there any advantages of changing to the Eero 6 that I would notice? (Couple of phones, laptop and smart TV connected - that's all)


My sincere apologies for this very lengthy message and for putting you on the spot, but to be totally honest I have found it very difficult to get straight answers to this sort of thing from the phone / chat agents who always do their best to be helpful but frequently end up by saying I need to talk to someone else - I've never seemed to be able to find someone with a good all round general overview knowledge of the system as a whole and I'm really hoping that you can give me that (no pressure!!)


Thank you again in advance.




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Hi Carpet_01,


I can make a change that should fix the issue but it may cause the wifi hub 2 to lose it's internet connection. Would you like me to do this now?



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I'll escalate this topic to the TalkTalk Community Support team but I'm sure they do not have a direct liaison with CityFibre unlike the Full Fibre team that do.


The CityFibre team will definitely be able to reset their authentication process for you but they'll need to take their instructions from TalkTalk.

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Thanks for the fast reply Gondola.


I don't plan to use the Eero through the TalkTalk hub as for our use I don't see any advantage and there would be too many bits of kit - I want to only use the Eero (I'm hoping  it'll cure a minor issue that we are having with the 'phone line).


Thanks for the advice that it's City Fibre that needs to be involved in the solution - that could explain why it was not set up initially as they initially set me up with a TalkTalk router (which works fine)?


If there is a TalkTalk technical person that understands this issue and is able to help please could I ask if it's possible to sort it through this thread?


Thank you all once again in advance


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My understanding is that CityFibre authenticate the connection by detecting the authorised router. Therefore if the connection is working via the Wi-Fi Hub then continue to use the Wi-Fi Hub.


Then contact the Full Fibre team and ask them to contact CityFibre to reauthenticate the connection using the eero 6 device. Or follow this guide from eero Support to connect eero devices to the existing router.


To speak to the Full Fibre team about an order start a LiveChat here:

 Full Fibre LiveChat

 Full Fibre Support Hub


 TIP - Scroll down the Full Fibre Support Hub page to GET IN TOUCH. if you don't see a blue Chat now button then pause tracker blocking in the browser, ad-blockers or similar blocking software to avoid conflict with LiveChat's operation

Opening hours are here:  When to contact TalkTalk?


Calls to the Full Fibre team on 0345 172 0074 are free from a TalkTalk home 'phone but otherwise are at a standard landline call rate or included in your UK mobile allowance.

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