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Eero after TT

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We had Fibre 900 installed back in September 2022, as part of this we were sent 2x Eero Pro 6’s which were advertised as “Free” and back then the T&C’s stated that we would own them after contract ended. I’m aware that the T&C’s have since been changed so that newer customers would have to return theirs at contract end, but those T&C’s can’t apply to us as it was after we agreed the contract.


Does anyone on here have any insight into whether or not TT will honour their original T&C’s without a fuss? It would be dishonest & illegal for them to deactivate our Eero units if/when we leave next month, but as with all big companies that doesn’t mean it won’t happen!




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Oh I agree the Amazon T&C’s are clear, but the devices have been obtained officially as ownership of the devices is confirmed in TalkTalk T&C’s.


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The restriction on eero use is stated in the order process. I was certainly aware of being told that. And being told to read the Amazon terms and conditions as well.


And given in the sales page small print that customers are made aware of although you've got to go read those sections.


The Customer terms and conditions stated are as the version dated 26 July 2021. So in this respect your order of September 2022 is covered both by the order process and confirmed in the T&C's.


These are my personal observations and experience just for your guidance and not a TalkTalk response.

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Thanks for the input Gondola, I disagree with that though. The T&C’s clearly state that:



We’re only responsible for, and can only support, equipment provided by us during the period of the applicable contract with us. We can’t guarantee that the services will work with other equipment and certain equipment may be restricted to use only on our network or with a certain package offer. We will tell you if this is the case.


TalkTalk have not told me that the supplied Eero’s would be restricted to use on their network. It was not part of the original order wording and is not written in any emails which have been sent. The initial contract was formed on the basis of the devices contributing significant added value, essentially making the supply of the data service cheaper. If TalkTalk don’t tell me they’re restricted prior to contract, they can’t retrospectively restrict them.


It’s whether or not TalkTalk will honour their own T&C’s or not. We already had an Eero mesh network prior to having TalkTalk services so could always fall back to that, but that’s not the point at all. The Eero’s were offered as part of the contract “Free” and when reading the T&C’s it was understood that we would be informed if they’re restricted, and we weren’t so the contractual terms stand.


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The terms of supply of TalkTalk free issue eero 6 routers hasn't changed. "The eero device is restricted use and can only be used on the TalkTalk broadband network and with TalkTalk eero enabled packages, otherwise they may be deactivated." The Amazon terms and conditions also reserve the right to Amazon to deactivate any eeros that they believe have not been officially acquired.


So, it's quite clear that at the end of the initial contract the free issue router(s) is(are) your responsibility (TalkTalk T&C's) but will remain usable only as stated on the sales pages (see small print - Router entitlement) and as stated during the order process.


TalkTalk will send you a pre-paid returns bag so you might as well use that. I've had two broadband contracts using the TalkTalk free issue eeros so I am well aware of the usability of the eero both during at at the end of a contract.


I'm still using an eero 6+ mesh network because that network has provided whole home and garden wi-fi coverage. The eero 6+ routers were acquired direct from Amazon. 

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Incredibly dishonest if that were to happen! We signed up for a package which included the Eero units being owned at this stage, this was all before the small print was updated to reflect the possible restrictions.


We’re at contract end in March and considering going with an alternative CityFibre ISP, saving £15/month for the same service. 


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There have been reports from those who bought on the grey market, either eBay, CeX etc, that they have been locked to TalkTalk networks or disabled after they have been purchased.


Official confirmation one way or the other would be interesting to have.

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