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Upgrade to Full Fibre Talk Talk

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Recently openreach  engineers have upgraded our road so customers can get Full Fibre.  It appears that my house is the only property in the whole road that cannot upgrade to Full Fibre. (when I check the openreach fibre checker tool) I would absolutely love to get full fibre through TalkTalk.  My next door neighbour just had Full fibre installed to today and I spoke to the openreach engineers installing it.  They said my property was fully ready for full fibre and they could install it tomorrow, everything is in place, pole cabinets etc. however the full fibre database on openreach shows we can't get fibre until in some time up to 2026.  This seems a bit crazy as every other property in the road can get it. (The engineer even pointed out the pole and line to our house had all the hardwaenecessary).  Can you please advise if  the database of postcodes, and our house number could be updated so we can apply for full fibre? I really want this service and need it (I work in IT and being on full fibre is really important) Can you please advise, and help me upgrade, its seem there must have been an oversite according to the openreach engineers I spoke to today.  You should be able to see my details from my profile, but please contact me for an further information you may need for this upgrade to happen.

Kind Regards and Thanks



Leslie Goodman

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Im not authorized to place orders unfortunately,  we can only offer what the sales team have available for your address. 


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Hi Arne,


I'm not sure when your sales team would be updated, I can't get full fibre from any company including BT when I checked.  Thats odd when the physical instrastructure is in place, its liked I've been missed off being updated on the openreach fibre checker.  Could you try putting the order for full fibre through anyway as it seems common sense that it can be installed, when the engineers who did next door said they could fit it anytime. Or is there anyone I can contact at Openreach to update their database of postcodes?



Leslie Goodman

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Hi zedhower


Although the physical infrastructure is in place , until the sales system is updated we cannot offer it, however as the move to move away from copper increases it shouldn't be too long before we advertise the ability to upgrade. 




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Hi @zedhower it's highly likely that the company laying the cables/lines seek to recoup their costs as quickly as possible. This means they with old access for 3rd party ISPs for 6 months or so in a bid to gain new customers. Frustrating but understandable. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.