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CityFibre appointment/text setting time for upgrade

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Hi - 

As a few others have done, I have received a text saying that Cityfibre will be upgrading my connection to Fibre (they laid fibre in my area a few months back).


The text received is similar to the one reported here:

I am on Fibre 35 (higher speeds are currently not available) and have a contract out to next year.  My current line terminates upstairs in my property, I also currently use a 3rd party router so I can run openwrt, after the change what kind of presentation will I get (I presume it's ethernet?).  I notice the diagram of the "Fibre Connection Box" shows a power LED, is this via mains, and will they then need somewhere to plug in?  Finally what happens to my landline, does my telephone continue to plug into the FCB and operate as normal, or older phones which take power from the line to ring no longer work?

None of these questions have been answered by the Future Hub or any of the followup threads on this forum.

I have posted in another thread, but am creating my own thread so that the community folk can reply to me,.


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@gfielder, it's essential that you start your own thread. 


Please return to the message board and click on start a topic. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi bassplayerchris


Apologies for the delay.


Can I just ask, what questions do you have? Is this in regards to the installation?


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I'll re-escalate this thread for you, @bassplayerchris!


It will be helpful if other customers DON'T post on here, as that messes up the workflow queuing system and can show as an answer, despite not being from staff...

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Still no reply from staff.


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I have not - in fact - received a response from staff.


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I've had the same work done. The broadband is fine but the new router has poor wifi. Even working at the same desk as where the router is located, my phone says "no wifi". I have a wifi extender upstairs and my phone works up there and elsewhere downstairs, just not in the office, where it's only 2 feet from the router. Any suggestions?


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Thank you all for your replies.  So what I got from this is that there's a fairly significant amount of disruption (moving stuff around), no additional benefit and possibly extra expense (I'm going to be paying the electric bill for the GPON box, and may need an additional VoIP to POTS box to terminate my existing landline).


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TalkTalk have really dropped the customer communications side of the process with the CityFibre FREE upgrades to FTTP.  It's simply a change from using the older FTTC 35/65 to a Full Fibre to your home, great idea, but very poor execution.  There is  zero communication from TalkTalk to customers, the first you know about it is, a SMS message stating a CityFibre engineer is booked to install the new service.  At first I thought it was a scam.  I contacted the Future Fibre team, I was told that nothing changes in terms of my existing contract and speeds ( Fibre 65 with Phone to  Fibre 65 Data Only and Phone). Broadband moves to the CityFibre link and phone remains on the openreach line.  This may vary for each customer/exchange, some customers may have to move to Digital Voice service over Internet (VOIP).  You will need to plug your landline phone into a TalkTalk Wifi Hub 2 or a VOIP ATA unit such as Grandstream HT801 which is then connected to your router. 


Some points from my install:

  • First thing before anything started was the engineer asked where i wanted the ONT installed. I agreed for simplicity to have the ONT fitted near  the Master socket.
  • They  drilled a small hole,  passed through a white pre-terminated fibre patch lead from inside to outside. The hole was covered with a small white cap and the patch lead clipped to the location of the ONT.  2 small hole for the ONT mounting plate , ONT clipped on and fibre patch connected up.
  • CityFibre reused the Openreach ducting to install the fibre to the house, thankfully no need to do any digging.
  • The engineer, rodded a wire from the openreach duct outside the house to the CItyFibre manhole up the road. Then pulled back a purple mini conduit, a pre-teminated  fibre optic cable (blue) was blown from the house through the purple conduit, back to CityFibre manhole and connected up.
  • They fitted a small brown box outside where the incoming fibre is joined with the internal fibre patch lead (white).








  • CityFIbre fitted a GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) ONT (Optical Network Terminal) 
  • NOTE: The ONT needed be installed within 1 Meter of a 13A Socket.
  • CityFibre suppied a Calix Gigapoint 801 v2 ONT, the unit has 3 connections:
    • GPON  Port -  incoming fibre WAN connection SC APC connector
    • Power - supplied via a small mains Adapter (12VDC 0.5A)
    • Ethernet port - RJ45 Gigabit  ( WAN to Router)









Once the connection was activated by the engineer, the  Power, Broadband and Connection indicators  lit up green.  I plugged in an Ethernet cable linked to my Ubiquiti Edgerouter (upstairs) to the ONT Ethernet port. It was simply a matter of a router reboot, once rebooted, the Ethernet Light went green on the  ONT.  My router picked up the WAN IP using DHCP, and thats it, everything worked as it did before. Ran a few speed tests while the engineer was there, 75/75 (download/upload)  No complaints from me, been running happily for past few weeks. 


Most important thing is to  speak or chat with the TalkTalk Future Fibre Team and get them to confirm what the Free CityFibre FTTP upgrade means for you, before you decline or accept the upgrade:

  • Confirm no change to your Contract  Terms: Price and Speed
  • Phone : will you retain the copper voice line or will it be a Digital Voice line over the Internet. 


I hope this helps you and any other customers who have had the out the blue SMS from CityFibre and are left feeling unsure of what to do.


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I'll put this in the Future Fibre area, @bassplayerchris. It should receive a response from staff during the week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.