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new future fibre order - no confirmation

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Hi guys,


I've placed an order yesterday for the future fibre plan,  I'm a new customer, never been with talk talk before. The final step of the order process said that I will be sent an order confirmation email, It's now a second day since the order and I still had no email. Should I be concerned? 


I'm not sure whether it's been correctly registered or not, and the engineer visit dates are getting away day by day so if I will have to order again I will be with no internet for much longer time.


I am just trying to confirm if the order was indeed placed correctly and everything is on track.


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I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope everything goes ok with your new ISP.





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Update to my original query:


I have called fibre team, sales, technical, many different departments, every single one of them told me they can't find my order in the system so I don't have one and I can create a new one on the phone.

Unfortunately that would have pushed my installation date 2 weeks further which was unacceptable for me, so since my order didn't exist I just went with another internet provider instead.


Fast forward to yesterday when I magically received an email that my order is in and direct debit has been set up. At this point I no longer need TalkTalk so I called them up again to cancel the order.

Apparently It's now been cancelled but I guess I'll find out later since what they are telling you on the phone cannot be trusted.

I did manually delete this direct debit in my bank just in case. 

Based on my personal experience I definitely wouldn't recommend TalkTalk.

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The customer facing aspect of future fibre when orders are placed does seem to be a work in progress still it can take a while for emails to arrive. If all else fails give the Future Fibre team a call they have always been great when I've had to call them


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Hi Downey91,


I can see that Gliwmaeden2 has pointed you in the right direction



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All queries about Future Fibre need to be directed to the FF team at the moment (and forum support staff are away at weekends anyway, @nhato).


Chat is available from the link on this page:


Check the details for hours of availability on there - not the same as advertised for other Chat support. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Could be worth a call to the future fibre team.. I could have ordered via the website (my address was showing available for fttp), I called to process the order and they said my address wasn't able to have fttp (although openreach say otherwise). I told them the website was allowing me to check out for fttp at my address, but they said it would have been cancelled a few days later if I'd placed the order.


Could be worth a call to check with them. 


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It takes some time for the confirmation email to arrive. Mine appeared a few days before the install date. A lot of the processes they have for ordering still seem to be done manually, so I would sit tight for now.