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International Call Boost

Whizz Kid
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I have just checked my phone bill where I have been charged £1.02.  Not a large amount but I was expecting nothing.  90p of that was because my wife spoke to someone in the UK for 1hr 4mins.  A bit excessive for 4 minutes I thought but the rules at https://community.talktalk.co.uk/t5/Articles/About-our-Boosts/ta-p/2204813

clearly state that “You can talk for up to 60 minutes free on each call before being charged”.


The balance of 12p came on the last day of the billing period with a call to Poland.  My wife had exceeded the 1000 minutes I thought.  Since I was checking my bill I thought I would check this.  I downloaded it and checked in Excel.  The total calls abroad amounted to 15 hours 40 minutes and 5 seconds – under 941 minutes.  Now you are going to tell me this is because the way the minutes are counted is to round them up to the next minute.  But this is not what the rules say.  They state with International call boost that “you can make up to 1000 minutes of calls abroad for no extra charge”.  If you are rounding up you will never make up to 1000 minutes without being charged.  You are always going to fall short and as I demonstrate by not an insignificant margin.


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Hi @naszdom


The bill shows the actual call duration, However the billed duration is always rounded up to the nearest minute. Meaning Call duration did go over the 1000 mins.





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Not according to Mr Gates and Microsoft.


I attach another copy of my workings which comes directly from my bill.  There were 153 calls in total, 130 International and 23 UK.  I have numbered each call to ensure none are missing.


If you go to the total you will see that it is “=SUM(F10:F139)”.  Every International call has been added up. I had to convert it from a csv to standard excel worksheet to preserve this formatting but otherwise everything is exactly as supplied to me by Talktalk.


To double-check my figures I created a new running total of the times.  This confirms that the total time for the 130 calls was 15:40:05.  There is no way that the times as shown on my bill could add up to 16hrs:40min.  It is odd however that you are exactly an hour out.  Perhaps I could see your calculations.


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Hi naszdom


I have checked your bill and you did go over the 1000 mins Your bill shows 16hrs:40min = 1000 mins, then a further 2.33mins which is the chargeable bit. 


Sorry for any confusion. 

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I appreciate that.  It's the wording of the rules for the International Call Boost that I am on about.


How can they advertise that “you can make up to 1000 minutes of calls abroad for no extra charge” when it is impossible to make 1000 minutes without being charged.  Is that not a misleading claim under Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 




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The rounding up clue is in that UK call, it was over 4 and into the 5th minute.


That's why it was 5 x 18p 


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If you look you will see that I am not complaining about the UK call


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I don't know why you are complaining about the UK call, 64 is 4 more than the free 60 !