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Please would you provide a further update on my landline repair

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Hi, I have case no. REP-14429462 open on my landline being dead.

It dropped internet at 16:30 Monday and I tested at the master test socket with 2 phones; it was initially very crackly, more crackle than dialling tone.  Then it went completely dead within 10 minutes.

The last update was early yesterday, when the update was "we're sending an engineer to the exchange".  But there has been no further update in the last 24 hours.

I need my landline and broadband to work again very soon.  Although we are not classed as "vulnerable" ourselves, we have to communicate with elderly relatives who are vulnerable.

Please would you provide a further update from BT Openreach about when the line will be fixed.



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Glad to hear that the problem has been fixed, apologies for any inconvenience. Please also see - About your auto compensation credit - TalkTalk Help & Support


If you do experience any further problems just let us know 



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Thanks for your help.  I did manage to contact my relatives using the mobile.
The original case was logged as "resolved" when BT confirmed that the connection between the exchange and the telegraph pole was OK; they can get feedback on the fibre that far.  However, the fibre was not the problem.
I used the online chat on Thursday and the agent raised a new case for the line between the telegraph pole and my home master socket.  The engineer came today and fixed it; it was the master socket and now I have a new one.  So glad it is working again.
The extra delay was not ideal.  It meant I was without my landline and home broadband for a whole week.  It would be better if the problem could be found and fixed first time.  I wonder if BT could manage to add the fibre line and copper line into a single job to find the fault quicker.  I understand that I may be due 3 days' compensation for the loss of landline and broadband.


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Hi mbellis,


The fault is currently in hand with Openreach, they will usually investigate/fix the fault within 72 hours of it being raised. We can place a network divert on your line so that incoming calls are diverted to your mobile, would you like us to arrange this?