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Is My Voice really My password

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Like many of you, I have used the Voice authentication when contacting Talk Talk.  

i.e.  “With Talk Talk my voice is my Password”

Until last week, I haven’t had a problem with the authentication and passing me through to an adviser.


However when I called Talk Talk on the 27th September 2018, to raise a problem with my broadband service.   I experienced what I can only describe as a real cause for concern with both security and personal data, not specifically mine, but potentially any of us.

You will understand what I mean by reading on.


Responding after the prompt in the normal way, I was passed through to speak with a call adviser. After some time specifically relating to the diagnosis of the broadband problem, she began calling me by a first name.

A name that was totally incorrect.  Thinking I had misheard her, I asked her to repeat it.

As well as using the same first Name, she used the surname of the account holder that my voice had mysteriously authenticated.  Neither were anything close to my name.


I have heard it a lot of times, our voices are Unique, and even a recording cannot mimic a voice. So can what happened when I rang on the 27th Sept easily be explained as  ………  I can’t explain it can you.

Certainly anyone who can will not tell us, their members who have a right to know.


Now, I don't know what went wrong, or how it went wrong but it DID, and whatever went wrong, brought up another persons account other than mine on two separate occassions.

How do I know this ?

Because I spoke to Two different people in Talk Talk, who called me the same name, showing on the account they were looking at on their system, that my “unique” voice had somehow activated.


Will a Talk Talk investigation take place, will the full content of the recordings ever be listened to, will they understand what happened. and get to the bottom of how, one voice  can become someone else's voice.

One thing is fair to say, we will never find out what happened, 

Just how can my voice possibly open an account that is NOT mine ??

Ask yourself if that can happen whose account can your voice activate !!

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Hi @Hopefulalways


When you call TalkTalk Customer Services your account is identified, usually from your landline number.  Your TalkSafe voiceprint is then compared to the voiceprint recorded only for that TalkTalk account. It will either pass or fail matching.  If it passes then the agent will see your account details. If not then the agent will have to go through security with you before seeing your account details.


This topic will get picked up by the TalkTalk Community Team on Monday. What I suggest is you update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) scroll down and add into the Private Notes box the time(s) of your call(s) to Customer Services on 27 September 2018 and save changes. The TalkTalk Community Team OCE will then be able to link to your TalkTalk service account and check the circumstances on that date and that time.


You mentioned that the call took some time related to the diagnosis of a broadband problem before the agent started using an incorrect name. Obvious question - did the call start off correctly?

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Hi Gondola,

Thanks so much for telling me the way a caller is identified when calling TalkTalk (TT), i.e. firstly by their landline number, compared to the voiceprint for that account, and then Pass or Fail.  I thought it was just my voice first served as a pass through to my account.

Thank you also for the advice about the Private Notes Box for the OCE.


Regarding the rest of your reply and questions.

I can’t remember when it was that I first got called the wrong name. Because thinking I may have misheard, I got them to repeat, but that time they also gave me a surname as well.  Timewise, I have no idea, but it was definitely well into the phone call.


I purposely omitted any reference to our landline number, in my post,  as I didn’t see any relevance, especially as I thought it was the voice that activated the account verification, but also that we had the landline number changed over Two and a Half years Ago.  Since that time there has been othe times that I have contacted TalkTalk without any problem.  That is until last week.  

I don’t know if my landline and voice to account issue is resolved.  Maybe I ought to try and see what happens.


Even more strange is that when I called last week. Our landline number had opened the Talk Talk account of the person that had previously held the landline number, prior to us getting it issued to us over two and a half years previously.

If that isn’t strange enough, then lets turn it around a little. 

How come I have called TT previously, and not had the problem before, in the time we’ve had that number.

Last week WHY didn’t MY Voiceprint cause it to Fail.


Coming back to last week.  TalkTalk’s authentication should not have passed me through to speak with an adviser. After all isn’t that the purpose of setting up and using the Voiceprint in the First Place.

Therefore the whole reason I am raising a Post is as a matter of concern, as it can’t or shouldn’t be able to happen.


It needs to be alerted to all members that somehow it has, and what is being done to stop it happening again.

As far as the Adviser at TT was concerned, she was talking to Mr     ,,  I could have asked all sorts.  “Can you send me a leaflet on ?, before you do can you confirm our current address, or the right email as I haven’t had any statement recently, or My TT account no, the list is endless, and ideal for a Sucker list.

After all I passed authentication.

To me that’s what I don’t want to happen to me or anybody else.  Does anyone?


That’s maybe overstretching a bit, but hopefully getting the point across.

BECAUSE I Was Who I Said I Was, as she told me my name.   

It wasn’t her fault because I had been authenticated by the TalkTalk security features, it was the systems fault, identifying me incorrectly.


I apologise to everyone if there are any typos in my post

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The OCE's will pick this up Monday so I'm sure it'll become clearer.


On the question of former accounts associated with a landline phone number only one, your one, will be current. The rest will be archived and they'll have a different account number. The OCE will be able to check that and to see what happens when your telephone number is entered into the system.


The rest of your post appears to be speculation; not an actual incident. Best to leave it for the OCE to investigate if there's an issue with your experience. If you've given the time of day you called they'll be able to listen to the call(s).

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Exactly and that’s what I would have expected and had the Agent not called me my the name I would never have known he’d had our line before me. 

The reason I added the extra in, was for addition so he/she will have a basis of what happened.  Not so much speculation as I have 1st hand experience.

Certainly the advantage being is that they will be able to listen to the recording and even maybe able to skip ahead the first 75-90 minutes of the call.  No matter what they will clearly hear the unfolding of the experience.

I do appreciate your advice about the Private Notes box for the OCE

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OCE please,
I would be very grateful if an OCE could escalate this, to get an investigation and resolution.

It is ridiculous that a system introduced i.e. “with TalkTalk My Voice Is My Password”, was used by me a number of times when I contacted TT, and worked each time as it should have done.

Then on the afternoon of the 26th September 2018, when I rang TT' I am suddenly being called Mr A.

Two and a half hours earlier that day when I first rang. Whoever I spoke to in TalkTalk, told me they had a major problem and no accounts or other systems were accessible for even them to use and I had to ring back.

It has been mentioned earlier in this topic that the landline number has a part in authentication, but we have had this number for Two and a half years, without a problem, and I have contacted TT since having the number a number of times without problem. Each time accessing my account.

Whatever it is, it is clear that something has gone wrong within TT, because if anyone thinks about it my voice and a Landline number we have had for that time, and worked as I said, cannot suddenly stop, unless there has somehow been an internal corruption.
Eventually the reason could be explained, but no matter how many times I have raised it in the last 27/28 days nobody in TT is interested.

I have raised it by message to an OCE and with their track record have confidence something will get sorted.
Community Team

This is already escalated for you. I'm still chasing the team who manage the IVR for you. They're happy that this won't happen again, it's just a case of finding out what caused it for you. I will post as soon as I hear to provide you the information. 


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Thanks for that.
Had I thought in advance I would have started the thread title OCE Please.

I didn’t know it had been picked up and escalated as I thought there would be a message to let me know on the thread.

As far as TT are concerned it is nothing, but clearly it is because it happened again on the 22nd October, when I was again called Carl A*******h, because the TT staff were looking on screen at his account, that I had opened again.
Thanks again.

I’m all excited now because I’ve just got my relacement router (HG633), for the replaceny DSL3782 for my frustrating ongoing Broadband. I will post all updates on that thread, when I set ip up.
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Can somebody please update my thread title at the begining to say something like OCE please escalate. So the title would then read.

OCE please escalate this - Is My Voice really etc.


I would have done if I had known it wouldn’t get picked up.  Only I can’t edit it as you know.

Thank you

Community Team

I believe I told you in a Private Message on the 11th October that I picked this up and gone straight to the team who manage the IVR to investigate. I'm chasing them regularly although they're not concerned that this will happen again from what they've already told me. I'll update this thread when I hear back with their findings for you. 

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Firstly, please let me assure you my commenrt, was not to cause any offence to you, or any of the OCE team.

It is certainly directed at TalkTalk in general, particularly anybody who thinks it is not a problem.

If nothing else it is a Data Protection Issue, and certainly a security matter, that I can be Mr Carl A***


Yes you did say you had raised it with a team and waiting for them to get back to you.

This is exactly my point and where I disagree with what they have told you, and you are now telling me.

”they are not concerned it will happen again”



On the 22nd October 2018, at approximately 16:03 hours, when I rang TT, with another instance of loss of BB.

I spoke with  someone they said was in 2nd tier Service Management, he also confirmed to me his name was Ian.


He called me “Mr Carl Ai******h, and again yet again I had to go through security questions to prove who I actually was, inc Account number, to change from the acount that had been opened when I rang,

to open my account.

At that point I received the “I totally understand what you mean”, and that he didn’t know why it had happened, but he now had my account on his screen.

He also told me he would escalate it to someone higher, clearly that didn’t happen otherwise the team you refer to could not say it won’t happen again.


Don’t let them give any Bull ****, it was already open and a mistake was made by that Adviser.

It cannot happen on at least 3 separate occassions, days apart.


I am getting calls from varying people about the BB issue, but as I said the “IVR” as you call it, has dropped into obscurity as if it means nothing.


Well it does to me, because NO matter what anybody says, this is a serious matter that I can somehow open “Carl’s” account and be called his name..

Because to Talk Talk on those Occassions, I had become him.


It needs escalating for a proper investigation to be conducted, because something must have gone wrong.


For information, before anybody tells you it cannot have been setup properly in the first place.

It Was, Because,

I have used the “With TT, My voice is my password”, several times without a problem.

Thank you

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For awareness purposes,

I have not been in a position to add any updates to this, or my other topic i.e. BB Speed, since Thursday 25th October, or monitor the problems in any way.


Because I haven’t been able to check my speed, I haven’t had cause to ring TT, which would have identified whether the Voice vs Account authenticication has been resolved.

I am sure that it will NOT have been sorted.


I will put on an update next time I can verify it.

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I have not both bothered ringing TT as yet, because I envisage seeing exactly the same happening again, that has on a number of occassions.


I ring TalkTalk and say (What I call is TalkTalk's passphrase), and that opens up Mr A's account, and yet again.


Because you haven't updated this thread, I assume the other team, are dealing with it as very low priority. As you said in an earlier message to me,




I have not both bothered ringing TT as yet, because I envisage seeing exactly the same happening again, that has on a number of occassions.


I ring TalkTalk and say (What I call is TalkTalk's passphrase), and that opens up Mr A's account, and yet again.


Because you haven't updated this thread, I assume the other team, are dealing with it as very low priority. As you said in an earlier message to me

" I'm chasing them regularly although they're not concerned that this will happen again from what they've already told me".


You shouldn't have to keep chasing them, and likewise me contacting you.  We are both wasting our time.  The onus is on them.


I would like this to be raised as a Formal complaint, as clearly they do not take security and Data Protection seriously. Anyone within TalkTalk would clearly hear the recorded calls, when I am referred to as Mr A.  Not one call, but multiple calls on different days, and with different TT employees.


If you could let me know how I raise a complaint.  I presume I contact a compaint team do I.  If you could send me a Private Message with details I would be very grateful.  My information is up to date in my profile.


Please be aware that this in no way refers to your help in this matter.  I have no problem with yourself or any OCE's.


ered ringing TT as yet, purely because 


Community Team

Hi, as a result of the pressure I've been putting on for updates for you, it looks like this is going to be picked up by the CEO team for you. Your details have been passed across. I'm sure you'll hear from a complaints manager soon. 

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Thank you I appreciate that, and your update.


As well as not getting informative updates, it is the fact that after 5 weeks ths problem is still happening.

Also by the other teams ovn words, who said it wouldn’t happen again, and the fact they were clearly wrong.


For your information, I had a call from a man in the CEO’s Office, (name witheld for his privacy), unfortunately I had someone visiting.


He said he will ring me tomorrow, if not today.

Community Team

That will be your complaint manager. They will deal with this for you now. They'll give you updates and be able to provide more information of the cause and resolution. Feel free to post updates if you feel they'll help others. 

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I got the call yesterday as he said he would.  That was a refreshing change from the broken promises previously given to me by other Managers within TT.


One of the important things that I am pleased about is that he could assure me that both problems will be dealt with separately

Broadband by a specific technical team, whilst the

The IVR problem will be investigated independantly.


He will keep me updated throughout as necessary, and is my single point of contact if I need to contact TT about these problems.


I will add updates accordingly.

Thanks again

Community Team

Thanks for letting us know.