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Change current SIM only plan to Essentials SIM plan?


I currently have a SIM only plan with TalkTalk which I pay montly for, but I have not claimed my free Essentials SIM yet.


If I call Mobile customer services, will they just be able to change my current plan to the free essentials plan, without having to send me a new SIM card?  I want to keep the number I have currently as well for this

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Sounds like it should be possible but the best people to talk to would be the mobile team.


Just select "Help" from the top of this page then "Chat Now" from the tab on the right hand side.

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Hi I did same as you a few months back.


Very simple.  I was send a new SIM.  Once you have recieved new SIM and it is active, phone up TT-mobile and they will transfer the number over in about 7 days or so from old contract to new essentials. and away you go...