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Paying for Out of Plan Charges

First Timer

I have unfortunately incurred Out of Plan Charges, How do I pay, and reset my mobile ? Thanks

Whizz Kid

It will be added onto your monthly bill, and paid via the direct debit you already have in place. 


If incurring a lot of out of plan charges, then may be time to look at the tariff you are on, and get a better deal if possible.



First Timer

My direct debit payment for out of plan charges (I incurred £15.50 charges while my husband was in hospital unexpectedly) isnt due until 20th April, does that mean the account will not reset until then? This mobile is a lifeline for me and I can’t wait until 20th. Please advise how I go about sorting this out. Thanks. 

Whizz Kid

Hi, the allowances will restart (phone reset) on the billing date not the date  of the direct payment.   There is a gap between these 2 dates by 14 days I think. (I left TT-M and moved to O2 but the concept is the same) 


Thus the 20th April payment will cover usage  from 06 March to 06 April (roughly) 


Best thing to do is check online, this will tell you when the billing cycle runs, and how many mins/texts you have used.