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TalkTalk's 'Free' Sim Card

Team Player
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I took advantage of the free offer of a sim card for my mobile phone as a jesture of good will following the cyber attack. When I go into my account and study the data relating to this simcard I notice the following- My plan length is only showing one month and not the 12 as stated by TalkTalk when the offer was available. Can TalkTalk confirm that the card deal is for 12 months and what happens after the 12 month period as I have seen elswhere on your web page that a free sim card of the same type that I have is available to existing simple broadband customers for free on a ! month rolling contract. Is this true. Can the OCE please reply to this to confirm




First Timer
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Talk talk management team informed me that they sent my free sim 2 weeks before through royal mail, they will put these sim in your mailbox.  But until these moment I didn't get any sim card. Please do the necessary arrangements. .thaxx


chelsea boys
First Timer
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Hi how do you get a free sim card has when i joined they said i was intitled to one but i still not recieved it so what do you do to get one thanks

Team Player
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Thanks for the news, will sit back and relax now until 12 months time



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The SIM is a 30 day rolling contract but will remain free for the 12 months offered and according to they will contact you when the free period is due to end to discuss your options.

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