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charged for a so called free text service

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I sent a no change text to 80212 which is for the electoral register for my dad who is 84 & a dementia sufferer, but I can see that the text has been charged for, when it specifically says in the letter it should be free, I know its only 10p but when it says there is no charge for this text why has it been charged for ?


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I remember now sending a text to the fire brigade for the home safety check for Dad which was also supposed to be free & also got charged so I should have remembered emoticon.quiet.title, i did my own electoral roll no change online so will have to remember in future, I still think its a bit of a cheek when I even had a reply text saying thank you, you have not been charged for this emoticon.thumbsdown.title 


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Texts to those short 8xxxxx numbers are chargeable, not covered by the mobile allowances.


The small print should point it out, something like there may be network opertor charges.


I got caught last year confirming our electoral roll entries. This year just did it online.