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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.


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i have just received the new netgem box, and have found that is is not as good as the youview box, you can only record one channel , not 2 at the same time as the youview does, and also have to buy a USB pen to record. Can i keep my youview box and use the new Net gem in another room ?

not happy with the switch at all, was offered it when i renewed my contract, dont need a new box.


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@linkbe15 I see you have posted on 3 peoples posts moaning about the 4k box, but not started your own thread with issues you may have. 


Posting on other people's threads delays responses they may be waiting for from support staff and is seen as spamming the forum.


If you have an issue you wish addressed, please start your own thread as each case is considered unique and it is easier for support to be given to one person per thread and also less confusing.
To start your thread click the Browse button, then Help With Your Service and select the appropriate category. You will then see a Blue Button "Start A Topic"

Thank you

Please remember to mark Solved Posts with Best Answer. Doing so helps other customers and saves TalkTalk's Support Team time by only looking at unsolved topics. Thanks, Steve (a fellow customer).

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My Youview box has died so no going back. Now stuck with the new useless 4K box that only records one channel, no areial out socket...and have tp purchase a 128gb hard drive and an aerial splitter. None of which was explained to me when I agreed to a new 18 month contract.


I am reviewing my deal options...

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I was told that i could record a programme on my new 4k box but thats not possible, nothing was said about buying a USB stick so i will do the same as the previous message

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You can keep hold of the old youview box.




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