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Need YouView Settop Replacement

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Hi there, just turned on my YouView settop box (DN372T.01.02.P) and it makes a clicking noise for 5 seconds or so then gets stuck on the "Waking Up" screen. I have tried leaving it for over an our with no change as well as disconnecting the power, waiting and then retrying. Again, no change.

I have looked online and discovered that the clicking noise means that the hard drive in the box has likely failed. If someone from TalkTalk could send over a new box for testing that would be greatly appreciated!


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@RussTrueIf you have recordings on the box you haven't watched yet, or want to keep, @ferguson offers a good tip. Starting with gentle taps when to the side of the drive with the box off and if it still doesn't power on, do the same with the box on. If the heads have gotten stuck, sometimes this will unstick them. If it does work, also assume the drive is likely to fail again (perhaps permanently) sooner or later. Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer any recordings to a new hard drive, so any recordings are lost once the drive has failed or you replace the hard drive.


Should the above prove fruitless, you may now be able to replace the hard drive to get your box working again, as the update servers have been fixed. If you've not taken the box apart yet, it is quite easy - 6 screws on base (one under warranty sticker) and 3 along the top of the back panel. Check the model number on the hard drive label. In my case, the 4 boxes I've seen have Western Digital WD3200BUCT drives. Search the model number on a well known auction site and you'll find a company called Bipra selling "re-certified" drives (usually means repaired drives from warranty returns to the manufacturer) with this model number for £9.95. I can't vouch for the longevity of these, but the one I received was packaged professionally and passed 2 hours of diagnostic tests. Normally "re-certified" drives direct from a manufacturer have a label saying so, but this one did not. The date on the drive label was years old, but the SMART data on the drive suggests it hasn't been used.


To replace the drive, disconnect the 2 cables from it, unscrew the caddy, unscrew the drive from the caddy, put the new drive in and repeat the previous steps in reverse. When you power the box on, you will get an error message and then from the following maintenance menu, select the "Internet/USB Recovery, delete recordings" option - after a little while, it'll reboot and should be working again. It'll then be reset to factory default.

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If all else has failed you could try our old friend "percussive maintenance." Sometimes a firm whack on the top of the box with the palm of one's hand has been found to jog the needle on a recalcitrant hard drive back into life, you have nothing to lose by trying!


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Not if the software isn't available anymore. You have made your points eloquently on your own thread., let's leave it at that.


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It certainly sounds like the hard drive has failed. It should be the case that you could buy an exact replacement drive from eBay for £9, but unfortunately this is not currently an option as TalkTalk's update servers are offline, which means the box will not be able to download and install the required software once you've put the new drive in and therefore it won't be able to boot up 😠

TalkTalk customer since June 2008 - Software Developer since 1991 - General Tech Expert

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This sounds as though the box has reached the end of it's life and has now failed.


TalkTalk stopped providing these boxes 3 years ago and this cannot be replaced.


You may be eligible for one of the new 4K TV Streaming boxes, but if out of contract you would be asked to renew.


Give our Teams a call and they can discuss options and offers available for one of the new TV Boxes.





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Hi fr8ys, Thanks for the quick reply and the advice. I just tried what you suggested and unfortunately it had no effect. It still just gets stuck on the "Waking Up" screen and makes a ticking noise when starting up.


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have you tried a YouView Maintenance Reset (

Try the Factory Reset keep recording option.

You will then need to reset your personal settings (such as parental controls / Set antenna Out to On in Settings: Picture and Sound / Surround Sound etc.) and also reset your scheduled recordings (might be worth taking a note of future recordings before doing this so you don’t miss any).

If all else fails then try a full factory reset from the settings menu. You will lose your recordings but as TalkTalk now only supply non recordable ones it's best to try all alternatives if recording is important to you.

Hope it works but if not then please let us know and support staff will get back to you.

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