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NowTV add-on cancelled 3 months ago but still showing on my bills

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I cancelled this add-on by phone (apparently the only way to cancel) on July 18th 2023.  Nevertheless the charge still appeared on the following month's bill.  Queried this by phone on August 22nd, and was told this was a billing error, and that a revised bill would be sent out within 5 days.  This did not happen. 

Phoned again August 31st after the direct debit included this (supposedly) cancelled  charge.  Was told it would be removed, and a credit applied to my account for the next 2 months, and that this would be confirmed in an email.  No email...

September 13th my bank account credited with the 2 months' worth of wrongly billed add-ons (August & September), one of which had already been taken by direct debit, and the second was taken on September 29th.  

Logging in to my account today, I see my 'upcoming bill', due October 23rd, still includes a £6.99 charge for a service I supposedly cancelled back in July.

If I cancel my direct debit for this next bill and just pay what I actually should be paying, will this provoke some action from Talktalk?



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No worries. I can see that Arne is on the case.  🙂


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Thanks, Ferguson.  I've just had a reply from Arne, so things are looking up.  Your input was also much appreciated, though

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Thanks, Arne.  Your assistance much appreciated


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Hi chrislav


Sorry this is ongoing.


I have logged this as a fault the request to cancel the service has become stuck. 


I will let you know when the issue is resolved, A credit for this months overcharge will also be raised.



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Whatever you do don't cancel your Direct Debit, this will only cause further issues including added charges and a possibility of your service being cut off. The support team here will gladly look into this for you, but but bear in mind that they won't be back online until Monday.