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Recording on the new TV box

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Hi there, my Mum is a TalkTalk user and has recently had one of the new TV boxes setup.  The engineer advised her to buy a USB stick so she could record her programmes (as she watches many hours of TV).  When she tried to record something yesterday for the first time, it didn't let her change channels while she was recording, which seemed to defeat the object?


I have a hard drive for my new box (which is exactly the same) and I have no problems with recording and watching other channels at the same time.  Is this not the case for the USB stick or is there something we need to change in the settings?


Thanks in advance for any help - this is Mum's lifeline and so is quite stressful at present as she can't use it 


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@Missjudgement, just follow up on the thread that you had already started. It is here:


Look out for a response during the day. Staff are on here from early business hours Monday-Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I am not sure what kind of "splitter" you mean? In any event, rather than posting on an old and dormant thread it is best to start your own topica and then we can try to help. 


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A real own goal with these new boxes, the previous one was much better just needed improving to speed it up.


I have bought a splitter but lost the HD channels when I put it into the back of the box.  Clearly not the right place to put it.


Could someone give me the Idiots Guide to fitting the splitter please.  Nearer 70 than 60 so technology is a real challenge sadly.


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Just to confirm the advice from my Community colleague, the TV boxes that TalkTalk now provide only have a single tuner, so you can only record one channel whilst watching it, unless you use an aerial splitter to watch a second channel directly on the TV via the TV Tuner.



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You cannot record a different channel whilst watching another at the same time. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your point? Whether you are using a hard drive or memory stick is immaterial. 


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Hi Ferguson
Thanks for this reply, but as mentioned I have been able to record channels I'm not watching with a hard drive attached.  It would be useful to know if anyone else has had success this way?  I don't want my Mum to spend out on a hard drive if this is not a usual work around.

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That is the way the new boxes work I'm afraid. You can only record the channel you are watching, or record in when you are not watching of course, for future viewing. But you cannot record and watch two separate channels at the same time, as they only have a single tuner. One way around this which a number of people have used is to get an aerial splitter so that you can connect to the box and the TV separately. That way you can record something on the box while watching another channel on the TV. A bit more convoluted I know, but there we are.