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Upgrade youview box

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I am a long existing Talk-talk customer with a TV package add-on, my a Huawei Youview box  which is ancient and constantly freezes especially watching ITVHUB - it does not have ITVX, and the audio is extremely poor. Is it possible to get a free upgrade? Otherwise, how much be will it costs?


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How are you getting on?





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Hi, just for info TalkTalk now only supply non recordable boxes.


No YouView boxes have ITVX, as they are waiting on ITV to provide an updated app.


There are some things you can try to improve the performance of the box but ensure you have an internet connection to the box when trying the resets.


If you wish to try and get one of the 4k boxes i suggest you try contacting the Loyalty Team. 


Try phoning 0345 172 0088

Opening Hours can be found here -


Have you tried a soft reset? To do this hold the power button on the front for around 10 seconds and the box should restart. 

If this doesn’t work then have you tried a YouView Maintenance Reset (

Try the Factory Reset keep recording option.

You will then need to reset your personal settings (such as parental controls / Set antenna Out to On in Settings: Picture and Sound / Surround Sound etc.) and also reset your scheduled recordings (might be worth taking a note of future recordings before doing this so you don’t miss any).

If all else fails then try a full factory reset from the settings menu. You will lose your recordings but you may be asked to do this before the Support Staff look at other alternatives.

Hope this and please let us know how you get on.

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