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help with your connection

Our help and support pages might be able to resolve your problem and help you get the best out of your connection.


slow broadband speeds

Take a look at our top tips for boosting your Wi-Fi speed.


dropping connection

Read this guide if your Internet connection keeps cutting out. 


No connection

Follow these steps if you've got no broadband connection..


landline issues

Follow this guide if you can't make or receive calls on your landline.


issues loading websites

Here's what to do if you can get online but you can't load websites.


router setup

Use this checklist to make sure your equipment is set up correctly.

Using a VPN


A VPN allows you to access company systems and software through a secure connection. You may find yourself relying on VPN more than usual over the next few weeks whilst working from home, so why not take a look at our guide for using a VPN and what to do if you're having issues connecting.


Working from home


If you find yourself having to self-isolate or work remotely over the coming weeks, check out our tips below for taking care of yourself, staying well and getting the best out of your broadband whilst at home.