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About the TalkTalk TV Hub

Introducing the TalkTalk TV Hub. One place for everything you want to watch, play and do. All with the freedom to build just the way you want it, with as few commitments as possible. From live TV and On Demand players to an ever-expanding universe of apps and games from Google Play.

You can do more on your TV than ever before. Get answers to questions and search for shows using your voice. Or put your small screen on your big screen and cast from your devices directly to your TV screen. All in crystal clear 4K with awesome Dolby Atmos sound. Finally, entertainment without limits.

If you want to know more about our TV service or sign up, check out What is TalkTalk TV


TV Hub

Our TalkTalk TV Hub is packed full of amazing content and great features. From Google Assistant and 10,000+ apps on Google Play to 4K Ultra HD viewing and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, it really is entertainment without limits.

tv hub setup guides

All the information you need to setup your TV Hub


Find all your favourite On Demand players, like BBC iPlayer, alongside subscription services like Netflix, Prime, NOW and Disney+ and more. There’s no lengthy contracts from us either. Just cherry pick the subscriptions you want as and when you want. You’re in control.

Always exit an app and return to the TV Hub Home screen, before turning off your TV box or allowing it to go into standby mode. This will ensure your TV Hub is ready to go next time you turn it back on.

Google Play

Your TalkTalk TV Hub brings you more than just TV. Explore an ever-expanding universe of over 10,000 apps on your TV screen. Movies, TV, fitness, music and games – all right there in one place. Watch, play and do – whatever you want. And just like on your phone, you can download new apps and updates the moment they become available. For more information on how to download an App to your TV Hub, check out our Using Google Play article. For instructions on how to check for app updates, please see TV Software updates and select TalkTalk TV Hub. 


Featured Apps

You’ll find some apps are already pre-installed on your TV Hub. We call these ‘Featured Apps’. A table below shows the Featured Apps which will be available on your box. It's important to have a TV aerial plugged into your TV box to benefit from the full features of your Players and Apps. Some Featured Apps below will only display when a TV aerial is detected.

A table showing the Featured Apps pre-installed on the TalkTalk TV Hub
Players & Apps
BBC iPlayer My5 Netflix Prime Video  NOW
(ITV Logo)
UKTV Play Milkshake Pop Player Ketchup / Yaaas On Demand 365
CBS Catchup / Legend BBC Sounds games Britbox STV Player
All 4 S4C Clic      

Whatever channels or subscriptions services you prefer, you’ve got the freedom to choose exactly what you want and when you want it with no lengthy contracts from us. You’re free to add or remove services whenever you like, we won't tie you into a big expensive TV bundle. Subscriptions may be required with those app providers directly, but we’ll allow you to build a package that’s right for you. With TalkTalk TV, you’re in control.

Rentals and Subscriptions

With Google Play Movies & TV you can buy and rent movies or TV programmed direct from Google. Just open the Google Play Movies & TV app to get started.

Google Play

Explore an ever-expanding universe of over 10,000 apps on your TV screen. Movies, TV, fitness, music and games – all right there in one place.

Watch, play and do – whatever you want.




Additional Information

A table comparing features of all our TalkTalk TV boxes
Features TalkTalk TV Hub
Support for 4K content
Live DTT channels via aerial (>70)
Amazon Prime App
Netflix App
Netflix App (Basic with ads plan)
Voice control Google Assistant
Chromecast built-in
Google Play Store,
TV, Movies, Games & more
Access to over 10,000 Apps
On Demand Players

Pause & Rewind

(Subject to HD/SD quality)

Approx. 30-45 mins

A table showing the specification of the TV Hub
Interface Details
Android OS Android 10
Broadcast Single DVB-T/T2
HDMI 1 x HDMI 2.1 output with HDCP 2.3
Memory RAM - 2GB Shared between Video and System
System Flash memory size eMMC - 16GB
USB 2.0 1 x USB 2.0 on the side
Micro SD card slot 1 x Micro SD card reader
RJ-45 1 x RJ45 Ethernet port (without LED)
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Wi-Fi Dual Band non-concurrent
Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps
Chipset Based on Broadcom 72180
CPU speed Up to 24kDMips
A table showing the different LED light behaviours on the TV Hub
TV Hub Status LED light behaviour
On White
Active Standby Blue
Wakeup from Active Standby White
Network Standby Off
Wakeup from Network Standby Blue and then White
Deep Standby Off
Wake up from Deep Standby Blinking white
Software upgrade Blinking white
Unrecoverable Error Blinking blue
Factory reset Blinking white
Acknowledge remote code reception  Blinking blue once (short press)
Blinking blue continuous (long press)

A short press of the power button on your TV Hub remote will put your box into Active standby and the blue light will be displayed. After 20 minutes your TV Hub will go into Network standby and the blue light will turn off.


A table showing what accessories are included with the TV Hub
Accessories Details
Power adaptor 1 AC to DC
HDMI  1 (1.5m, screened)
Remote 1 (Infrared & Bluetooth)
Battery 2

Please use the power cable provided with your new TV Hub and not a 3rd party or existing cable. 

We also recommend you use the HDMI cable supplied. If using an alternative cable, ensure it complies with UHD 4K Standards.


Micro SD card

If your internal storage becomes full, you can use this slot to insert a Micro SD card (not supplied with your TV Hub) to add additional storage. This is really useful if you intend to download a large number of Apps from the Google Play Store.


You can use the USB slot to play compatible media (for example photos and home videos) on your TV Hub.    


You can connect a soundbar to your TV or your TalkTalk TV Hub in several different ways. This will depend on the different capabilities of each device.

If you experience problems with audio and video sync when using a sound bar, here’s some helpful tips:

  • Some soundbars will have the ability to adjust the audio/video sync. If so, use this feature on your soundbar to help resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t work, then please reset the sync to default and try these different cabling setups:

  • Connect your TalkTalk TV Hub to your soundbar and then to the TV.
  • Connect your TalkTalk TV Hub to the TV and then to your sound bar (connect using HDMI ARC/eARC out of your TV into your soundbar if possible).
  • If your soundbar supports SPDIF / TosLink, try these if your TV has the right output type and you have the correct cables. 

If all of the above troubleshooting steps doesn't fix the issue, unfortunately you'll have to bypass your soundbar and use the built-in audio on your TV.


You can connect various Gamepads to your TV Hub to enhance your gaming experience. You can find out more information and how to complete a simple setup at Google Support.


Music Apps running in the background

When attempting to pause live TV after historically playing a music app (for example Spotify), music may start to play from the app again when the Play/Pause button is pressed on the remote. This results in sound from the TV programme sometimes playing at the same time as the music. If this happens, you should simply force stop the music app to stop it running in the background. 

  1. Press the Home button on your TV Hub remote
  2. Press the up arrow to select Settings (cog)
  3. Select Device Preferences
  4. Select Apps
  5. Press the up or down arrows to select the app you want to force close
  6. Press OK
  7. Select Force stop and OK to confirm


Google Features

  • 10,000+ apps on Google Play
    Your TalkTalk TV Hub brings you more than just TV. Explore an ever-expanding universe of over 10,000 apps on your TV screen. Movies, TV, fitness, music and games – all right there in one place. Watch, play and do – whatever you want. And just like on your phone, you can download new apps and updates the moment they become available.
  • Talk to Google to do more on your TV Do more on your TV
    using your voice. Search your apps for something to watch, change the channel, pause or rewind. You can even dim the lights, queue a song or find out the weather forecast. Just press the Google Assistant button on your remote to get started.
  • Put your small screen on your big screen
    Go from your phone, tablet or laptop to your big screen in an instant. With Chromecast built-in, you can cast all your favourite movies, shows, apps, games and more directly to your TV.
  • Big screen gaming with access to cloud gaming services that offer PC/console quality gaming
  • Google Home and Nest integration accessible from your TV

Hardware & Features

  • Crystal clear and vibrant video with support for 4K HDR Ultra HD viewing with compatible applications including BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon to bring the highest quality video experience to life
  • A sleek and small device can be put on display or hidden away behind a cupboard door thanks to Bluetooth remote control with integrated voice control
  • The latest Wi-Fi 6 technology that operates on both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands for seamless video streaming over Wi-Fi, a perfect pairing for your Full Fibre connection
  • Option to increase memory for extra app downloads 
  • Netflix, NOW, Prime Video pre-loaded plus the option to download further TV apps including Disney+ and many more
  • Catchup from BBC iPlayer 4K, ITVX, All4, My5 and UKTV and more
  • 70+ live TV channels with pause, 7 day backwards and forwards EPG, and search across live and on demand TV