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Problems with TalkTalk TV

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If something goes wrong with your TalkTalk TV service we're here to help. See below for solutions to common issues to get you back watching TV as soon as possible. 

Can't see the guide, More TV or Boosts?

If you're having issues with not being able to see the guide or More TV there may be a problem with your user credentials

Can only see Free-to-air channels?

Are you having issues accessing your TV boost channels such as Sky sports? Can you only see channels such as BBC1?

Having issues watching on a device?

FAQs about problems you may be having watching on different devices

Issues on web, iOS and Android?

If you are having issues with your Sky channels on web, iOS and Android 

The main reason that you wouldn’t see these menu items is that you’re not a TalkTalk broadband subscriber with TV. If you want access to these features you can upgrade your package or join TalkTalk broadband

However, if you are already a TalkTalk broadband customer, Please check the following potential reasons:

  • Ensure that the email address you’re logging in with is the same as your TalkTalk MyAccount. You can test this by logging into the My Account website with it. If you’re successful, then you’re using the correct credentials. 
  • If this is the first time that you have seen the issue, try logging out of the TalkTalk TV website or app you’re using and then log back in.

If the above steps don’t help, then please contact us.

The TV Boosts page only lists the Boosts which meet both of the following criteria:

  1. You are eligible to subscribe to the Boosts
  2. You are not already subscribed to the Boosts

A small number of our customers are not eligible to most Boosts due to their line speed being too slow (less than 7Mbps). As our Boost channels and on-demand content is delivered over the internet, we require lines to be sufficiently fast to give customers a positive viewing experience. You can check what Boosts you are subscribed to by going to My TV.  

Some of our customers are not eligible to Boosts due to your line speed being too slow (less than 7Mbps). As our Boost channels and on-demand content is delivered over the internet, we require lines to be fast enough to give customers a positive viewing experience.

If you are below 7Mbps you will still see the free-to-air channels in your guide and will be able to subscribe only to certain Boosts. This will also result in you not seeing the purchase option for other Boosts as we don’t want to sell you something you cannot use.

We get our channels and on-demand content from a range of different providers. To be able to offer this content on mobile devices and web, we need permission from the content provider. If you didn’t realise this when you bought the Boost and no longer want it, please contact us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a purchase option on iOS at this time, however you will still be able to view content that you have already paid for.

You can still make purchases on our website. Purchases will then be immediately available to stream or download in our iOS app.

We currently do not offer the chance to download on-demand content linked to TV Boosts. This is as often we use other content providers for TV Boosts and currently don't have the rights to download.


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Our experts are here to help, select one of the following contact options:

To help us deal with your query quickly, please confirm the following information when you write to us. We will aim to respond in writing to your query in 10 days.

- Your full name
- Your TalkTalk Phone or mobile number
- Your Signature

TalkTalk Correspondence Dept
PO Box 675
M5 0NL

All letters will be sent to the primary billing address unless stated otherwise. Please also include the best way to contact you about your query, such as your contact phone number or contact address.

Call us for free on: 0345 172 0088

Make sure you have your account details to hand when you call.

Calls are free from your TalkTalk phone, our customer services team are available 8am-8pm, Technical Support 24/7 every day. If you’re deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired, the Text Relay Service can be used to help you contact us, simply dial 18001 followed by 0345 1720088