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Problems with TalkTalk TV

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TalkTalk TV service not working? We'll help you get back watching TV as soon as possible with some simple checks. 

Having trouble setting up TalkTalk TV?

You'll find our TalkTalk TV Installation guides useful

Unable to watch your recordings?

You'll find Problems with TV recordings helpful

Problems with your Remote control?

Check out our
Remote control guide

Getting an error code on your TV?

See our guide to
TV error codes


You won't see these menu options if you’re not a TalkTalk TV and broadband subscriber. If you want access to these features you can upgrade your package or join TalkTalk broadband

However, if you're already a TalkTalk TV and broadband customer, please check the following:

  • Ensure that the email address you’re logging in with is the same as your TalkTalk My Account. You can test this by logging into the My Account website. If you’re successful, then you’re using the correct credentials. 
  • If this is the first time that you have seen the issue, try logging out of the TalkTalk TV website or app you’re using and then log back in.


We no longer sell TV Boosts to new or existing customers. If you already have a TV Boost you can continue to use them. We’re excited to offer alternative service through NOW where you can enjoy the latest TV, movies and sport.


As our Boost channels and on-demand content is delivered over the internet, we require lines to be fast enough to give you a positive viewing experience.

If you're below 7Mbps you will only see the free-to-air channels in your guide.


We get our channels and on-demand content from a range of different providers. To be able to offer this content on mobile devices and web, we need permission from the content provider. 


Unfortunately, we're unable to offer a purchase option on iOS at this time. However, you'll still be able to view content that you have already paid for.

You can still make purchases on our website. Purchases will then be immediately available to stream or download in our iOS app.


We currently do not offer the chance to download on-demand content linked to TV Boosts. This is as often we use other content providers for TV Boosts and currently don't have the rights to download.


To watch Freeview channels on TalkTalk TV you'll need a working TV aerial.  You can check the signal quality and strength of any Freeview channel you are currently watching. You'll find information on how to check in TalkTalk TV Box signal quality.


Following a recent Youview update, some customers are seeing a Blue/Black screen when accessing the Settings menu on their TalkTalk TV box. This is only affecting customers using Model DN370T. To fix the issue you'll need to perform a factory reset (option 2 to keep recordings) in maintenance mode. You'll find the instructions for this in How to find maintenance mode .



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