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Being charged for phone calls we have not made!!!!!!!

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On my Feb bill, I noticed calls we had not made, only myself and husband live here, and I never use the landline I use my mobile. I asked about this because I got hacked end of Feb and was worried scammers had got into my talk talk account. The calls did not amount to much, so my intelligence told me it probably was not scammers. To cut a long story short, I have just looked at the bill  that is due this month and today is the 15th March there-are three phone calls supposed to have been made on the 17th yes the 17th March...............three phone calls supposed to have been made to our doctor on the 10th March which is a Sunday  and we did not make them. Two phone calls made today which we have not made 03457740740service G21 RAT.08444740395 DestinationSC008. What on earth is going on .I have found out that quite a few people are having the same problem being charged for calls they have not made.I have been with talktalk for eighteen years and only had a couple of problems which got sorted out quickly.This is driving me nuts.



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Where are you seeing those calls, I have checked the account and there are no calls dated 17th?  


The numbers you have quoted seem to be for Royal Mail customer services.