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Re: Trying to cancel account

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Thank you, but I have now received an email saying my full fibre starts from 21 March 2024!!!  Please can you look into this and make sure my 30 days notice has started and my contract will definitely terminate on 18 April 2024?  Thanks


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Your service with us will end on the 18th, there is nothing starting on the 21st, I can only guess that that email has been triggered when I ordered a returns bag. 


Sorry for any confusion. 


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We are on the new thread now, @MrsGardner.


It's to avoid confusion with replies that would have been notified to the OP on the other one etc, not relevant to your case, so it keeps everything simpler and more efficient when we start our own topic.


There's no guarantee that staff will pick this up today. 


Hence my suggestion that you contact Talktalk asap:


There's nothing I can do as a fellow customer. Phone lines close at 7pm, Live Chat at 9pm.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I'm not really fussed which thread this appears as I don't fully understand how this all works! Having repeatedly tried to get through on the phone, being told that I can't cancel using Live Chat, requesting a call back and the calls  not happening I have resorted to using this forum. 

I've today had confirmation that my contract will terminate as requested, only to receive an email an hour later to say that my account will start on 21 March! 


Can you please look into this again:  Received confirmation that my contract would terminate on 18 April 2024....then received an email to say that something will start on 21 March....




Can you please sort this so my contract definitely terminates on 18 April as requested.  Thanks


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@MrsGardner, this would really have been better in a separate thread as issues can get muddled up with the original poster!


I'll try to move it and escalate it for attention but this may not be picked up again today. 


You might be better phoning 03451 720088 yourself asap as the 21st is very soon.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.