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Bereavement - failure to consider needs

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I don't normally do this - but I am frustrated and hurt but Talk Talk's insensitive procedure regarding bereavement. My Farther died three weeks ago and I have been trying to rearrange the account with Talk Talk so my Mother can stay connected. But Talk Talk can't simply transfer the account to her name - we have to reregister as a new account - however you can't use the old email address.   She is 92 - its remarkable she uses the internet but changing the address and log on would be a nightmare and knock out all the other support services arranged on that address. So I used my own email - today I'm asked to activate the account but I cant as presumably the system is recognising the old account and stopping me reregister. 

This is a tough time - its a time when people want help and support. Couldn't Talk Talk spend a little time to plan the procedure of there unit called the bereavement team to actually understand what is going on and help smooth a simple transfer of name on the account.  I can not be the only case when this has occurred.  It is crass and hurtful.  I an faced with more hours waiting on calls to a South African Call center that does not understand their own procedures and can not depart from a script to accommodate the problem before them.  

Of course my biggest fear is that this will end up with Talk Talk cutting off the account and leave a 92 year old recent widow without the connection she needs to live. apparently "Talk Talk is for Everybody" - apparently not if you are a 92 year old widow!


Support Team
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Hi @DerekM2 


Sorry to read of the problems you have had during this difficult time.


I'm sure we can sort this out, I need to know the account details, So I am going to send you a PM on the community if you can reply with the account details I will take from there.  




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@DerekM2, staff reply during the week - please look out for their response on this thread. 


Something that might help further down the line, once the account is sorted out, will be to make sure that your mother is registered for priority fault repair.


Please follow this link for further details:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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The team here only communicate via this forum. If you put the telephone number concerned in your profile they can look into the account and advise further. 


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As explained I am doing this on behalf of my Mother - the landline is at her house and so not mine. The confusion started when you blocked us using their joint email and created all theses problems . It is critical we sort this - please could someone get someone to get in touch with me directly via my email.

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I am so sorry to learn of your loss and the difficulties you have since been having with TalkTalk.


The support team here will gladly look into this for you. It will speed things up if you make sure that your personal details including the TalkTalk landline number in question are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with the account and then wait for them to respond.