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Can't join TalkTalk due to old e-mail address still on your records?

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I want to join TalkTalk but every time I try it says my e-mail address is in use so I always never bother and go with another provider.


I was with TalkTalk many years ago and left immediately upon my details getting hacked.  Then last year I tried joining again with the same e-mail, it worked and after signing up I was surprised to see my 6 year old account being linked with my e-mail (why on earth does TalkTalk need to keep records for that long).  However, at the time Virgin Media called me and offered me a better deal so I decided to cancel my switch.


Later on I decided to sign up to TalkTalk again and this time they wouldn't let me use my e-mail address because even though I was never fully setup my e-mail address was classed as "used".  So I signed up using my other e-mail address.  However, my order got cancelled the next day by TalkTalk themselves who said they can't port my number over so they cancelled the order.


I then tried to sign up to TalkTalk at my second property with the same e-mail address only a couple days ago and it wouldn't let me on either of my two e-mail addresses because they were both now classed as "used" even though I was never fully setup.  So I used my THIRD e-mail address to sign up for that property.


Now I am trying to sign up on my first property with my e-mails and I cannot sign up with any of my THREE email addresses.  What on earth gives? I only have 1 email address that has an active TalkTalk account and the other two are not activated or never were.  Yet I cannot use them?


I have a fourth e-mail address but I don't want to link yet ANOTHER email with TalkTalk, this is an absolute mess and clearly your software engineers have not thought this email retention policy through (just like they didn't think to do basic pen testing for SQL injection).


Please can someone help me clean up this mess with my e-mail addresses or I guess I'll just sign up to another provider again.


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...Oh well...let us know what happens with your switch to another provider.


Both the new provider and Sky are required under Ofcom rules to send you letters advising about the switch. 

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I have not told Sky to cease my service though, I even contacted Sky today and asked them multiple times if they are blocking me from switching supplier.  They categorically told me no and that I can switch to any provider I want or my services will resume as normal.


TalkTalk on the other hand keep saying they can't keep my landline number and can't port me over.  With ZERO explanation as to why.


I've kinda given up now, found another provider, asked them if they can take my landline and they said no problem.  Signed up 5 mins ago.  I left TalkTalk 6-7 years ago when they got hacked, was willing to give them another chance this year but clearly they are not even able to sign me up lol.


Oh well.


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Hi Faisal77W 


Number porting is a best endeavours process. Most providers will co-operate with your request to keep your landline telephone number. It's not guaranteed.


On the broadband and 'phone service switch, you are saying that TalkTalk are instructed by Sky to cancel the switch. Sky do have the right under Ofcom rules to deny a switch of services but only under certain circumstances. See Annex 1 to Condition C7.


The most common cause is that you have told Sky to cease your service. So Sky will be doing exactly that and therefore preventing TalkTalk from taking over your services. 

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Ok well I signed up again with my third e-mail address.  1 day later I get a e-mail from TalkTalk saying that my existing provider have told them to cancel it so they did exactly that.


Which is annoying because I made no such request.  I contact TalkTalk and they cannot tell me the reason why it was cancelled, but they keep telling me they cannot port my number over.  I contact Sky and ask them about it, Sky say there is nothing stopping TalkTalk from porting the number over and everything is ready to go on their end.


I don't understand why TalkTalk cannot transfer my number and no one is explaining it.  Isn't it a Ofcom requirement to be able to transfer your landline?


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Hi @Faisal77W 


On the email address issue. Just create a free Gmail account and sign up with that. Use that until you're fully active and service has started.


You'll be able to register for a new broadband MyAccount and continue to sign in to that MyAccount with the Gmail address.  Then you can create up to 5 new mailboxes in that broadband MyAccount.


Managing Email in the Mail Support Hub advises how to manage your login to MyAccount and manage mailboxes.


TalkTalk do not allow you to sign up to a new MyAccount using a previous email address attached to a former MyAccount. It's a security issue for customer protection. The email addresses that haven't been used may well be deleted. Flagged for deletion after 180 days of non use is what happens.


Once you are registered with a new MyAccount then just post a request in the Email Forum for the move of any active TalkTalk mailboxes associated with former MyAccounts from the former account(s) to the current MyAccount. That can be done for you but only when you have a new active MyAccount. Remember to leave spare mailbox slots in the 5 available if you do have active email addresses to be added to the new MyAccount.

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