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Complicated situation- PLEASE HELP

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This is a bit of a unique and complicated issue, so please bear with me. I posted this same text a few month ago, but the responses did not help.


Just over a year ago (Jan 2020) I signed a lease to take over a previous tenants room. The previous tenant paid for the Talk-Talk wifi. She gave me a letter that noted a change of ownership form.


I filled in this form, with my phone number, direct debit, and email. A week later I received a letter (attached) back. It detailed how I could set up my online account. Only, the letter did not provide my account number, and the property had never had a landline phone.



This was fine- the direct debit was paid each month and the wifi worked.


Fast forward a year, I’m now moving out of the property and I need to cancel my contract.


My issue: I have no online account number, no landline number, and no landline phone. No paper bills. The only correspondence I have ever received from Talk-Talk is this attached letter. The only thing tying me to the contract is the £30 coming out of my account every month and this letter.


I contacted the previous tenant, and she gave me her previous account details. I logged on to her talk-talk account, and it seems that it ceased to be billed/active from the date that I took over the contract. The only account number I have is for the previous tenant, who's account is inactive. This is the only tangible thing I have access to.


My theory: a new account was created for me when I took over the contract, only I have absolutely no way of accessing it.


I was just on the phone to talk talk customer service, and after 45 minutes the conclusion was: we can’t help you, please speak to our team on the live chat (which does not seem to exist anymore? Or is extremely difficult to find- please point me in the right direction). Can anyone please help me? This situation is driving me mad




Tom Hutts

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Thank you @tomhutts


I have located the account with the landline number provided. Your account number has been added to the private notes section. 


I notice that you never completed the registration for My Account, and as such there is no telephone password setup which you will need to request the cancellation Use this page


Complete registration, then as cancellations can only be done via the phone you will need to call on 03451720046 they can help. 








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@Arne-TalkTalk  Hi, thanks for the response. The 'service status' web page now seems to be working.


As per @Gliwmaeden2 advice, I have updated my profile to include: My name, my address, the landline phone number, and in the private notes I have added the previous account holders name, and her account number. Can you please advise on what to do next? Thank you

Tom Hutts

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Hi tomhutts


We really need to have any sort of account information in order to help. 


In your profile if you can add the full address including post code and the account holders name and we might be able to locate that account. 


Will wait for your reply. 


Community Star
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Great if you can complete the details, @tomhutts.


Then don't post further till you hear back from staff.


Each further post delays the progress of your thread moving through the automated workflow. Just look out for their reply. 


I think I will edit out the image you displayed,  but that was helpful to check.


Put all personal information details and account/telephone information in the profile area only, not these public pages.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Gliwmaeden2 Thanks for the speedy reply, I really appreciate it. I'll look into getting the landline phone sorted out in the meantime. And I'll update my profile when I'm finished at work.


You're correct that the landline should be the same, but the previous tenants account details show no landline. I've attached a screenshot to show you. It's a bizarre situation.


[Edit: image removed for security reasons.]

Tom Hutts

Community Star
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Other than buying a cheap landline phone to check with (can be useful for diagnosis anyway, if there are ever problems), complete your community forum profile details with as much information as possible, as currently staff won't be able to identify your account either. They need to know your phone number to link your forum ID to the account. 


Please post information in the Personal Information & Private Notes area. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; from the drop down menu that starts with "email" choose PERSONAL INFORMATION. Fill in your full name and address details. If you do discover the landline number, put it in here too, @tomhutts!


In PRIVATE NOTES (end of that area) add the previous account holder's name and account number. 



It can take a few days for threads to be reached in the billing section. Please look out for a reply from TT staff. 


Edit: if you simply took over the account from the previous tenant, you are likely to be using the same phone number. You have even logged into their account. That is the landline number to use, if you never changed it. It should be displayed in the previous tenant's My Account. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi @AllyM I mentioned at the start of this post that 'the responses did not help' in my previous post. I should have elaborated, sorry. As I mentioned to @Gliwmaeden2 above, the Service Centre repeatedly shows me errors. 

Tom Hutts

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Hi @Gliwmaeden2 , I forgot to mention in this post that I tried the Service Centre option numerous times over a few days (after it was suggested to me in the last post) and each time was met with an error. So no luck in that end.


With regards to borrowing a landline phone, my city is currently crippling under covid. We have the highest rate in the country. So I'm not sure how much of a viable option that is for the time being.

Tom Hutts

Community Star
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@tomhutts, as @AllyM says, you didn't follow up at all here:


As I posted previously, go from here to Service Centre, via the community options for help with your service. 


In Service Centre, the phone number linked to your account is displayed. 


If you can't use Service Centre for some strange reason, borrow a landline phone, plug it in and dial 17070 and your number will be read back to you.


That can be put into your community forum profile details for staff to identify your account. Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard, to complete that.


To cancel, you must phone: 03451 720046, after 9am Monday to Saturday. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Live chat (and current opening hours) is here: Our update on Coronavirus - TalkTalk Help & Support but I'm not sure whether they can help you either if you don't know the landline number or account number. I don't think you can cancel via chat these days anyway.


On your previous thread a member of staff offered to help but it looks like you left it hanging and never followed it up.