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Convoluted Contract Mystery

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Hi Forum,

Can anyone help me out here ?

My contract with TalkTalk began 25th April 2018 with Fast Broadband @ £22.95/month for 18 months.

However, due to the miserably slow download speeds and constant dropouts I was finally offered an upgrade to Faster Fibre by TalkTalk CEO manager Ian Mc Iver in an attempt to resolve issues and thus end continued disputes. Promised was Faster Fibre @ £21.00/month on an 18 month contract.

However in my 'New and Improved Package' email there was NO mention of the £21.00/month 18 month contract, just Faster Fibre @ £23.95/month, TalkTalk TV £4.00/month & Set Up fee of £60.00 and a 'Go Live' date 06 Feb 2019.

All very confusing as there had never been mention of "TV" or "Setup" fee from my side. A very convoluted email.

The "Go Live" date never happened because TalkTalk failed to send the router, which triggered another bunch of calls and disputes. The router finally arrived the following week.

So I had a "Go Live" date 06 Feb 2019 @ £21.00/month for 18 months - if TalkTalk CEO manager Ian Mc Iver can be believed.

By this point I had just about reached the point of self harming as a result of my dealings with the TalkTalk team and had no desire to get in touch with them ever again.

Upon recent inspection my 'Transaction History' showed regular monthly payments of £23.50/month right up till 04 Dec 2019 where it changed to £22.95/month and 'My Account' also showed a contract end date of 04 Dec 2021 ? ? ?

How is it possible to have a contract end date of 04 Dec 2021 when the package changed on 06 Feb 2019 ? ? ?

My contract should end August 2020 - 18 months from February 2019 !

I wrote a cancellation letter in July 2020 informing TalkTalk of my desire to cease services and my intention to cancel the direct debit & asked for confirmation.

I didn't received a reply.

I can't get any sense out of the TalkTalk support team who just give me failed understanding and up echelon referrals.

I want out . . . I do NOT want to continue with TalkTalk.

Help me out here guys . . . dealing with TalkTalk is worse than herpes.

Regards to all TalkTalk sufferers.







What's the Antonym of 'Glitch' ?

Support Team
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Hi Beresford7211,


My apologies for the confusion, we can look into this further for you here. I've sent you a PM so that we can complete security checks and discuss your account.





Whizz Kid
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From my own experience -

1. Always record calls, it can only be to your benefit.

2. Raise a customer complaint. I have found the complaints staff to be helpful, competent and capable of correcting TTs balls-ups.


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Hi @Beresford7211 your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear soon.

I doubt any input from me will be helpful so will refrain.

Good luck in getting your resolve.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.