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Direct Debit Failed - Another case

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As has already been reported by other users my Direct Debit failed on the 17th May in exactly the same circumstances...and again email received saying that a £12.50 charge was being applied to the next bill.


I called the Call Centre and was told that a "Second extraction" of the Direct Debit would run today, it has not. Was also told not to make a Card payment because of the "Second Extraction" and I could end up paying twice.


I am Looking for some concrete answers as to what is going to be done about this.  Multiple customers have been affected, but so far the only information/action seems to be its been "escalated", and as has already pointed out, what is quite obliviously a Talk Talk failure is currently being blamed on me.


I await a response on how this issue is going to be resolved.


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Hi DDFailed


The issue was only identified after you contacted us, so the advise given by the advisor was correct at the time. All advisors have been updated now for this particular issue and I can see that you have now made a card payment, thank you for that.   


As  for the emails yes they automated, this issue was NOT your fault this was our system error there will be no extra charges. 


Sorry for any confusion. 


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@Gliwmaeden2 , Thank you for the reply, however I stand by my comment of the the failure being blamed on me, the wording in the email is as follows...."Because your payment didn't go through on time, we've had to add a £12.50 admin fee to your next bill. To stop this happening in future always make sure your payment reaches us by the due date shown on your bill." maybe I am being oversensitive, but I read that as Talk Talk saying its my fault.
The whole point of me having a Direct Debit is exactly to "make sure your payment reaches us by the due date shown on your bill"

Furthermore, if Talk Talk is "aware of the problem" when where they going to tell me?, this whole chat conversation only exists because of my further investigation into this.

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Talktalk is aware of the problem, @DDFailed, so the failure is not being blamed on you.


However, whereas other people's card payments were accepted, it seems that the adviser put you off doing that. Most people seem to have paid as an alternative method via My Account. 


I'll flag this up for attention. 


If the funds were taken twice, it would show in Transaction History and the surplus would cover the next bill. For future reference, any build up of credit in My Account can be used in this way.


Or it can be claimed back from My Account, whichever you need to do.


Staff will respond during the day. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.