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Failure to cancel my account on 5th February 2024

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On 05/02/2024 I switched to Virgin media as a Wi-Fi provider having previously informed talk talk and being told that money paid on my next direct debit would be refunded. I asked for an address to send any equipment to and was told this would happen although the only equipment I had was an old router which hardly ever worked.

since this time I have paid an extortionate two sums of £53.45 on 13th. March and £54.17 on 12th. April. This retained my land line which I requested. I would like to point out that I spent hours trying to understand Asian accents as I am somewhat deaf and being constantly switched from one to another only to receive the same sales talk.


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Hi @Tonyb4401


Can you add your account number to your community profile, as I cant find an account with your email address. 


Thank you.


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@Tonyb4401, it's unclear what exactly you have cancelled as it's NOT possible to have phone line only with Talktalk. 


It's automatically bundled together with ADSL Fast Broadband or with FTTC, where the bit to your house is still the copper line. These cannot be separated, so you would still be paying the same bill, even if you are not making use of the Broadband with Talktalk. 


It's odd that it was even discussed as a cancellation. 


Staff will look into it. They are on here Monday to Friday, daytime. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.