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New contract agreed but not implemented

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I called you on 19/12/2023 to discuss options to renew the contract which will end on 06/01/2024.

We agreed downgrading from Fibre 65 to Fibre 35 for 18 months at £22. We also agreed half price Unlimited UK Calls Boost at £8. I said I did not want TalkTalk TV.

You emailed the contract documents, and separately sent another email to say "Your account has been updated".

However, the account has not been updated, in fact it remains completely unchanged, the package still shows Fibre 65 which comes to an end on 06/01/2024, and you invite renewal.

Why haven't you implemented the agreed contract ?

Please put this right asap, and ensure TalkTalk TV is not included.

Thank you.


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Hi Arne


That's rather disappointing, I wonder what went wrong.


I'll call the loyalty team as you suggest.


Thank you.


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Hi hugo123


Unfortunately  it looks thee the order has failed, call the loyalty team on 03451720088 They will be able to see what options are available


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 

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Thanks Gliwmaeden2, I look forward to hearing back from staff soon after Christmas.
Merry Christmas!

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Hi, @hugo123, it looks like this was not picked up today. 


Staff will be back after Boxing Day. 


Further details of Talktalk customer support over the festive period:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I'll move this to the billing section of the forum for staff to check your account, @hugo123.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.