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Paid in Full but Direct Debit Rejection Fee

First Timer
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I need some help with an unexpected charge of £12.50 being put on my bill.


The direct debit for October didn't go through and I recieved an email dated October 28 that stated I could pay the balance by card. It also stated that TalkTalk would try to take the Direct Debit again on the 3rd of November and that so long as I have sufficient funds in my account I won't be chaged a fee.


The payment was made in full by debit card on November 2nd after discovering the October 28 email.

Despite this I recieved an email on November 5th claiming that the direct debit was still unpaid.


I now have the aformentioned charge on my bill. Could someome please tell me what I should do next to get this sorted out. I really don't think this is fair or ethical at all.



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Hi @Kibou


Thanks for confirming, I will remove the charge on this occasion the Direct debit was actually rejected, you payment  date is the 25th, and that bill was paid on the 2nd, 


You will see the updated amount on the transaction history in My Account. 




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Thank you OCE_Arne. I have sent you a PM.


Support Team
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Hi @Kibou


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community.